Top 12 Asshole Rules, So Everyone Finally Agrees

The last time I played asshole with my buddies, we spent 30 minutes scrambling to agree on the rules. And since I was not right, I take advantage of my status at Topito to impose my real rules on others.

1. At the start of the game, the owner of the Queen of Hearts starts

And we go clockwise Flic Flak. Balec of the “Queen of Spades, it’s up to you”, only the Queen of Hearts counts, the others are all mishtos.

2. If a player places a card, and the next player places the same, then the next player passes his turn, unless he places the same card

And if the 4th player lays down the same card, then the turn ends and he starts again with a new card. Example: J1 rolls a 6. J2 also rolls a 6. J3 should pass his turn, but he also rolls a 6. J4 also rolls a 6 so he ends the turn and starts again with what he wants. If he hadn’t had a 6, he would have taken a “tagueule” and passed his turn.

(Also works for pairs)

3. When placing the same card as the previous player, it is possible to say “tagueule” to the next player

It’s not mandatory, but it just serves to humiliate the player who will pass his turn. When you don’t play and you take a “tagueule” it hurts a lot and it ruins the whole relationship of friendship. So it’s funny.

4. Joker replaces any card

You only have two 10s and want to make a triplet? No worries, you swing your Joker too and that’s three 10s. The Joker can become any card and can even be used on its own. Practice.

5. You can’t end the game with a 2 or a Joker, we’re not fdp either

If you do this bitch, then you automatically become an asshole, and frankly it’s deserved because only the Nazis ended their hand on a 2 or a Joker.

6. It’s the asshole who mixes and distributes the cards, then we go in the direction of the vice-asshole

You’re an asshole, you stink of shit so it’s up to you to do the rotten tasks while the others drink their mint syrup. Once

7. The asshole doesn’t piss off, he gives his two best cards and the President gives him what he wants

And by “his two best cards” I mean either a Joker, or a 2, or an Ace, etc. As for the President, he gives you what he wants. If it’s a rock and a piece of excrement you have to accept. No, I’m kidding, he’ll give you an old 4 and a 7.

8. From the moment you become an asshole, if someone answers one of your questions, they become an asshole

It’s a rogue trick that a fresh chick taught me. Between the time you’re an asshole and the time people discover their new hand, if anyone answers any question you ask, they automatically become an asshole and it’s up to them to finish the deal.

” How are you ? »

” Yes “

“Look, you’re an asshole. »

9. The Revolution is accepted, and if you only have Queens and Kings, well, it’s in your ass

Someone lays down a square (like four 8s), and the hierarchy of cards reverses. The Joker keeps his magic ability, the 3 becomes the best card. Obviously if you end your game with a 3, you become an asshole. In the next game, the cards return to their normal value.

10. The coup, the ultimate son of a bitch

If you play a combination of 5 such cards (like three 5s and two Jokers or four 5s and a Joker) then you automatically become President and no one can file a complaint. Even better, if you place a combo of 6 such cards (a square and 2 Jokers), then you become President and you name your asshole. Happiness.

11. There are no cards with special effects

Yes, I hear that cards 6, 7, 8 and 9 have special abilities, but I really don’t even want to talk about that. Who cares about this rule, it serves to confuse simple-minded people like me.

12. The asshole is really a big shit that does not deserve to live

That’s right.

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