Top 12 ass scenes in movies that are useless, isn’t that a bit forced?

Ass scenes in movies are a bit like roulette: sometimes it’s well done and it’s “useful” to the story (it’s rare) but most of the time it’s just something completely free and absolutely useless. Not to mention the fact that it always happens in the movies I watch with my daronne. At the limit if the scene serves the purpose of the film and it’s not made-up porn I’m not saying, but most of the time it’s something really forced and irrelevant, and in addition it becomes sex scenes that people try to reproduce and that’s serious, they could hurt themselves. On several Reddit forums, Internet users gave the list of these scenes that we could very well have avoided shooting because in the end they are really useless and we decided to give you a short list. After you do what you want, bunch of big disgusting.

1. Most scenes from “La vie d’Adèle”

If we removed the sex scenes from Abdellatif Kechiche’s films, would there be enough to put on a trailer? This is a question worth asking. In The Life of Adele we’re not going to lie to each other, we’re dealing more with a guy’s fantasy than with useful scenes for a film: it’s long, it’s free, it’s embarrassing and it’s not much use show as much. We might as well have understood that they were falling in love if we had suggested that they were going to ken rather than show all that for 15 minutes.

2. The ship scene in “Watchmen”

The tension was palpable between the two characters of the owl and Laurie Jupiter and it would have been enough to show them kissing and to stop the scene here, we completely understood. But no, we had to show them fucking and make a plan on the flamethrower of the ship which lights up to symbolize ejaculation because it’s art and it’s very fine. It makes for one of the worst sex scenes in cinema.

3. The kind of super awkward orgy in “Matrix Reloaded”

Considered by many to be the worst film in the trilogy, Matrix Reloaded has in addition to a lot of flaws a super embarrassing maxi scene of a weird orgy that lasts for ages in a huge cellar. It looks like the images of a forgotten Gopro in a rave party where everyone has taken weird drugs and it’s particularly strange. And free.

4. The good fuck scene in “300”

Zack Snyder was not at his first attempt with the scene of watch men, before that there was the sex scene between Leonidas and his wife before he left for the war. So yes visually it’s well filmed and everything but honestly it was useful the close-ups and this duration? Not sure, and that’s a shame.

5. The 2864 sex scenes in James Bond

In real life, have you ever noticed how much of a James Bond redneck he is? He’s a big forcer in every sense of the word. In the movies there’s loads of gratuitous sex scenes and the hardcore fans will probably tell me that’s part of the identity of the saga or some kind of bullshit, but sorry it’s just really gross and gives a good beautiful image of seduction.

6. The full frontal scene in “Millenium”

Ok the characters of Michael and Lisbeth fuck in the book and the scene is therefore present in the film, okay it’s part of the adaptation. We could just as well make it clear that they were going to ken because there is nothing they say to each other at that moment that advances the story, even less the fact of showing the actress in full frontal nude, or even her breasts on the poster. Probably it’s a seller.

7. Open Water: In deep waters

Ok I’ve never seen this movie but it came out on the forum so I went to watch the scene, and frankly, frankly it’s ridiculous. We just asked the actress to get naked in order to film her getting into bed completely free. Even without having seen the film we can clearly understand that it does not add anything to the story and that it is simply useless.

8. A lot of scenes from “Game of Thrones”

We’re moving a bit away from cinema to talk about the series for two seconds, but the incestuous sex scenes between Jamie and Cersei in the middle of other equally useless sex scenes was a little too much, there it was really “our son is dead, come on let’s fuck”. If it had been a movie Game of Thrones would probably be on the list of movies with the most sex scenes.

9. Batman: The Killing Joke

The anime “pulled” from the excellent comic decided to add a completely stupid sex scene between Batman and Batgirl. Well it’s an anime and we don’t see anything explicit, I can assure you. On the other hand it fucks all the delirium of the “bat-family” and it becomes a really embarrassing thing, especially since the scene is not at all in the comics. In short, a nice bullshit.

10. The 2000 shots of Scarlett Johansson’s ass in “Black Widow”

We’re not talking about ass scenes strictly speaking, but on the other hand scenes where we see her ass in the film there’s a lot. It makes you wonder if it was really necessary to put so many, because there aren’t that many superhero movies with guys. Here we have the impression that the cameraman had turned his back and was forced to film one meter above the ground. A bit disappointing.

11. Halle Berry’s breasts in “Operation Swordfish”

Want to see the worst scene in movie history where you can read between the lines “the producers really insisted that I show my boobs”? Watch this movie. This is horrible, there is really absolutely NO reason for Halle Berry to show her boobs but she does it anyway. Needless to say, it doesn’t advance the story, but in the case of this movie, even the script doesn’t advance the story.

12. The nude scene in “Frida”

Already the scene is absolutely useless, really, but in addition when we know that Salma Hayek was blackmailed by Harvey Weinstein to shoot it, we come to something totally disgusting. He first threatened to take another actress while Hayek had been fighting for years to make the film and then he threatened not to release it in theaters but directly on DVD. Not to mention the fact that he repeatedly tried to make advances to her. Good atmosphere.

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