Top 12 answers to questions about Disneyland Paris

Do you have a passion for Rapunzel, Mulan and Hercules? You’re right, that’s how we thrive in life. But thanks to us, you will be even more knowledgeable on the subject, and therefore even more likely to succeed in life. We had already revealed the secrets of Disneyland and the secrets of Disney cast members to you, but today it’s time to reveal what you’ve always wanted to know about the Parisian park. Climb aboard the little discovery train.

1. When is the best time to go?

If there are two periods to avoid above all, they are those of Halloween and Christmas, when the park is transformed for the occasion (which inevitably attracts a lot of visitors and we do not want to to be a part of). To avoid crowd baths (and I can swear to you that it has nothing to do with a foam party), it is therefore better to plan to go to Disneyland at the beginning of the week (between Monday and Thursday), on slower periods such as from mid-January to mid-March or from mid-April to mid-May. But you would know if you had read our tips for a successful visit to Disney.

2. Do people buy an annual pass?

Yes, they exist, and I can tell you that they are very happy with this expense. There are four types of annual passes, from 209 to 479€ which allow access to the park on a certain number of days defined in the year. So if you have a crush on Mickey, we can only advise you to go for it.

3. How do you become a Disney Princess?

Well we look on the Disney Careers page when are the next auditions for these roles and especially if we correspond well to the requested criteria (like knowing how to dance, being between 1m 60 and 1m 74, not having visible tattoos, speaking English…) . Then, we train a little to dance, talk and move like the different princesses (because it’s clearly not you who will choose who you will play). And then we give maintenance all day. TADAM!

4. Do we say Dizney or Disney?

They say Disney and those who dare to say otherwise are forbidden to put even one foot in the Disneyland parking lot (it’s not true but it would be nice).

5. Is it true that if you say you are diabetic, you are cheating everyone?

Diabetics (like other people with disabling conditions) are entitled to a priority card because they are likely to have seizures in the queue. But to make these priority cards, you need a medical certificate, so unless you have the means to falsify a medical document (which I don’t recommend, like really not), you won’t be able to use this technique. You can always try telling the staff you have diabetes and wait for it to pass, but that’s unlikely to work. And then it’s not very nice for people who are really diabetic. Have a little morale in fact.

6. Do you really have to go to both parks?

Yes, otherwise you will miss Disney’s top attractions, namely Crush’s Coaster and Rock N’ Roller Coaster. Trust our experts.

7. Is it normal to want to saw off your ears when leaving the world of dolls?

These are the side effects and they may last for a few more days. Consult your doctor if this music lingers in your head and makes you want to bang your head against a lamp post. WARNING: under no circumstances should you sing this song to your loved ones.

8. Why aren’t there others in Europe? (and above all, why Marne-la-Vallée??)

Big question that. And well imagine that before positioning itself on the suburbs of Paris, Disneyland had been envisaged next to Alicante and Barcelona, ​​in Spain, but also next to Toulon. In the end, Marne-la-Vallée won the first prize because it is a city very well served and in the center of Europe. Well, Toulon eh… We understand each other.

9. Have there already been serious accidents?

Yes, as in all amusement parks, there have already been several serious accidents, in particular on the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions, where a child was passed under a boat in 2013, and Le Train de la Mine, where a piece of decor had injured 5 people in 2011 when it fell. But hey, don’t panic, a team of 150 firefighters trains on the Disney rooftops every day to come and save you in case of a problem.

10. Is it at the front or at the back of the train that we have the most sensations?

So quite honestly, I asked real Disney employees and they all told me the same thing: it depends on the attractions. For example for the Train de la Mine, it is better to be at the back, to be sucked in by the wagons in front on the descents, but for Space Mountain, it is better to stand in front because there is less headache to force to be shaken only at the rear.

11. What is the record for shooting the Buzz Lightyear attraction?

999,999 because that’s the maximum number of points you can get. There are plenty of techniques to get there but my first advice would be to tell you to learn to aim.

12. Can you really get married there?

Yes, you can choose to celebrate your union by getting married alongside Mickey, who cannot, however, officiate your wedding. Good on the other hand, it will be necessary to pay less than 27,500 €. BUT, you can invite 500 people or more depending on the chosen rate and get married in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle if you want. Afterwards, getting married at the town hall of Besançon is also very good.

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