Top 12 ads that traumatized us when we were kids

If there are times when we really like advertising (like with those ads that make us cry that we could watch 1000 times), there are times when we would like to celebrate it, burn it, bury it, dig it up, spit on it and bury it again. This is the case when certain traumatic ads from our childhood come to mind years later. Why did you do this to us?

1. The Novartis ad with the horrible foot fungus

Of course she came every time when we were eating. This fingernail that rises like a car hood should have been banned by the CSA. If one day we find the advertisers responsible for this video, they will very much regret it.

2. The Evian ad with babies rollerblading

It’s simple, seeing babies doing adult things is super scary, it’s embarrassing and it’s weird. No that on TV please. Babies are just made for sleeping, eating, laughing, crying and pooping. That’s all.

3. The Wow! with the guy eating his fingers

We got the message: “Wows! it’s so good that it eats your fingers ». Great. Now, did we really have to illustrate it with an old picture of bone sticking out of the finger? The answer is obviously no.

4. The completely twisted Playstation 2 ad

The thing is supposed to be an ad to make young people want to play and we end up with a kind of hyper anxiety-provoking Lynchian auteur film that ends with a talking duck. If that’s the PS2, then we’re going to read a book instead.

5. The Xbox ad with extreme delivery

Come on, after Sony, it’s Microsoft’s turn to have its disturbing ad. Here, a woman kicks a baby into the air who quickly turns into an old person and ends up in the grave. In fact they really wanted us to stop playing, we don’t see any other explanation.

6. The Orangina ad and its hyper-sexualized animals

Who thought it would be a good idea to show us antelopes and octopuses with sculpted boobs and hips? What sick mind thought we’d want to see that on TV? Let him denounce himself and pay the consequences please.

7. The Crash Bandicoot 3 Horror Movie Ad

There are two things wrong with this ad: the fact that the script makes no sense and the fact that we created an ultra-worrying atmosphere for a game that has absolutely nothing horrific about it. It’s beyond us.

8. The Prince ad with the prince freaking out

Prince biscuits are supposed to be good spirits, but there we were screwed with an overexcited Prince on the brink of killing the princess he had to save. Well, it was humor, but they were very close to killing the character’s hero image. Eggs guys.

9. The Red Orangina ad and its chainsaw massacre

Good personal, I’m fine, but some of my colleagues – whom I obviously respect – had a hard time with this ad during their childhood. How she would freak her mother out. I don’t agree with them but I will fight for them to have the right to say it. Finally I will fight… but if it becomes dangerous I give up.

10. The ultra-repetitive Mercurochrome ad

The principle: we repeat as many times as possible the same sentence in 20 seconds of commercial. That’s fine because you only watch the video once, but remember when it was on TV about 100 times a day. There was enough to go crazy.

11. The Juvamine ad, also too repetitive

Same principle here. And what’s even more scary about this ad is that the guy looks like he voted Macron in the first round and he’s surrounded by human-robots doing all the same tasks like in a low-budget dystopia . It’s scary.

12. The Kisscool ad with the big rabbit hitting a bad guy

We have rarely seen an ad that gave so little desire to consume a product. The end of the spot was simply terrifying with its weird scientists ready to dissect the fat mister bunny. In our nightmares, today, we still hear “laaaaapiiiin”

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