Top 12 Actors Who Were Seriously Injured While Filming

Some shoots are not easy for the actors. We’ve already told you about the most badass, most dangerous shoots, but sometimes we also just have to deal with shoots that go well but whose actors have the bad taste to hurt themselves badly. Let’s go for a top sponsored by suffering.

1. Actress Taylor Hickson in Ghostland

While playing the daughter of Mylène Farmer in this recent horror film by Pascal Laugier, the actress found herself seriously injured in the face while filming a scene where she passed through a window. Result: 70 stitches and a beautiful scar. We can understand why she filed a complaint against the production.

2. Hugh Jackman in X-men: Days of Future

If the actor is subscribed to filming injuries, he was injured for a really stupid reason on this one. He had to shoot a nude scene with his long metal claws outstretched. During the scene he improvised a turn in the heat of the moment and found himself facing members of the technical team, by reflex he wanted to hide his private parts, unfortunately forgetting that he had cutters instead of fingers. It’s ugly.

3. Matt LeBlanc in Friends episode “The One Where Nobody’s Ready”

By throwing himself on an armchair in a scene, Joey retrames like shit and luxuriates his shoulder under the amazed laughter of the public present in the stands. Fortunately the scriptwriters are smart and managed to integrate his splint into the rest of the scenario (when Joey gets hurt jumping on his bed).

Top 12 Actors Who Were Seriously Injured While Filming
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4. George Clooney in Syriana

For the shoot he had to put on 15 kilos in a month, which didn’t put him in great shape. As a result, he was injured in the spine during the torture scene which caused him headaches and memory loss even forcing him to interrupt the promotion ofOcean’s Twelve.

5. Halle Berry in Gothika

At the same time, it must be said that the girl gets hurt all the time, in james bondin catwoman… So why not Gothika ? While Robert Downey Jr. was squeezing his wrist hard, well, that jerk managed to blow it off him. The feeling must have been quite unpleasant.

6. Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

By beating herself up like crazy, she still managed to knock out two teeth during her fights. It’s not for nothing that she later thanked the three dentists who were on the spot to put the whole dental mess back in place.

7. Laura Innes in ER

By dint of carrying a crutch for ten years of filming, Laura Innes ended up having to wear a real crutch in life for deformation of her spine in the character of Doctor Kerry Weaver. The stupid thing. She should have changed the side of the injured leg every other episode, we would have seen nothing but fire.

8. Harrison Ford in Star Wars

The actor even recovered a little less than two million euros from the production for breaking his leg on the set of episode VII. According to his lawyer, he was even almost guillotined by the unexpected closing of a hydraulic door, which would clearly have created a bad atmosphere for the rest of the filming.

9. Jared Leto in Chapter 27

Another dark story of extreme weight gain. To embody Mark David Chapman (assassin of John Lennon), the actor had to gain 30 kilos, but this excessive weight gain completely ruined his body. He even ended up getting around in a wheelchair because of his feet which made him cry about his race. It took about a year before it regained a more or less normal form. Hard.

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10. Gary Oldman in Dark Hours

Not that the actor was injured as such, but to fully interpret Winston Churchill he had to smoke so many Cuban cigars (400 over 58 days of filming) that he suffered real nicotine poisoning. Think about it when you watch a scene where a character smokes, it’s not a cakewalk.

11. Matthew Lewis in Harry Potter

Helena Bonham Carter got a little fired up during a scene she was shooting with the famous Neville Longbottom. By wielding her wand in a slightly virulent way, she ended up hurting his eardrum outright. If it can be a lesson for her to calm her ardor while playing, that would be quite a lot.

12. Janet Leigh in Psycho

Her name may not mean much to you and yet she played in one of the most cult scenes in cinema: the girl who is the most murdered in her shower of all time. Well know that this mythical scene scared everyone so much that the actress herself was traumatized for life by the concept of the shower. So, well, she didn’t smell good.

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