Top 12 actors who smashed everything for their first film role, a star is born

Getting a place among the big names in Hollywood is like succeeding in passing in a traffic jam at a toll: it’s complex, risky, rarely successful and you can scratch your car. Yeah, even the last point of my comparison holds true. There are, however, certain exceptions, real people steeped in talent who have managed to explode from their very first role in the cinema by bursting the screen. It’s rare, but it happens, like a happy marriage. So we’re going to talk about it RIGHT AWAY because it’s a bit of a top topic and therefore I can’t do anything too much.

1. Alan Rickman in “Die Hard”

Alan Rickman. Alan fucking Rickman. You liked him in the role of Professor Snape, well before arriving there he had especially made as his very first role in the cinema that of Hans Gruber, the memorable “villain” of diehard. Well then you have to know that the gentleman was above all a British stage actor, but entering the cinema in this way admit that it is the mega class.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween”

Being a child of actors can help you tell me, but it doesn’t give talent, and talent she has Jamie Lee. Her iconic debut role as Laurie Strode in the first Halloween movie thrust her into the limelight and everyone started wanting her in their movies but she doesn’t accept just any role either.

3. Edward Norton in “Primal Fear”

Well there clearly it was a revelation as we rarely see: in this thriller with Richard Gere, Edward Norton plays a shy and stuttering young man accused of murder, until the moment when we realize that he suffers from splitting of personality. Concretely Norton plays two “roles” for his first appearance and damn it, he does it well. Needless to say he was nominated for the Oscars directly, which helps to find other roles when you have just made his first appearance, even if he is one of the unbearable actors on the set.

4. Anna Paquin in “The Piano Lesson”

What were you doing when you were 11? Because Anna Paquin was starring in a great Jane Campion movie with the great Harvey Keitel and the equally great Holly Hunter. Want to know the most incredible? It was her very first role, she was 11 years old and she won an oscar for best actress in a supporting role. All this while at the same age you were playing with your boogers.

5. Michael Fassbender in the series “Band of Brothers”

Difficult to list all the actors who have become huge stars who played in this series, but there was James McAvoy, Tom Hardy, Jimmy Fallon, Simon Pegg and this brave Michael Fassbender which was the very first role. And frankly, as much to tell you, he was already doing really well, even if he was doing anything in front of the camera trying to control the metal. He had confused his role with that of Magneto that he would have a few years later. Incredible isn’t it?

6. Alaqua Cox in “Hawkeye”

If you watched the Disney series about the character of Hawkeye you’ve probably noticed one actress stealing the show from all the rest of the cast and that’s Alaqua Cox. This really deaf woman (I specify because it was not only for the role in the series) had never had experience of acting before and it does not show at all. You are also likely to see her again on the screen, in particular because a series would be in preparation on her character so much the public liked her.

7. Julia Fox in “Uncut Gems”

While she had only been seen in Vine videos on the internet, the actress was friends with the directors of the film who actually wrote the role for her. Since then her career has taken off and she has been even more on the front of the stage for her romance with Kanye West. Anyway we advise you Uncut Gemsa good movie, but a stressful movie.

Top 12 actors who smashed everything for their first film role, a star is born
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8. Yalitza Aparicio in “Roma”

Have you ever had a teacher who was nominated for an Oscar? No, it’s unlikely. But the students of Yalitza Aparicio yes. The actress was tricked by her sister into auditioning and director Alfonso Cuaron decided she would be the one he would cast. A wise choice my good Alfonso. I speak directly to him if he ever reads the top.

9. Wiil Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Hard to believe and yet it was his first role and he became completely cult. The series lasted nearly six seasons and the actor then chained commercial and critical successes until the 2010s when (we are not going to lie to each other) it started to become less crazy. Well ok he made some shitty movies, but look at this face, can we really blame him? Me no.

10. Barkhad Abdi in “Captain Phillips”

Actor Barkhad Abdi was cast to play a Somali pirate in Paul Greengrass’ film when he was a limo driver and DJ to make some money. His role earned him a bunch of awards and nominations and since then you may have seen him in blade runner 2049 or in Good Time.

11. Cameron Diaz in “The Mask”

It would be a bit of a lie to say that a lot of people didn’t fall in love with Cameron Diaz in The Mask, the very first role of the actress. Then she had a hell of a filmography because she played with a lot of people, all that before giving up everything to do like the actors who have retired. Today she lives quietly on love and fresh water and has not made a film since 2014.

Top 12 actors who smashed everything for their first film role, a star is born
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12. Johnny Depp in “Claws of the Night”

Probably recruited for his little angel face, Johnny Depp perfectly burst the screen by bursting on the screen in the first film on Freddy. Moreover, his death in the film is one of the strangest deaths in cinema, because as a reminder he is eaten by his bed. But he plays it well, don’t worry, otherwise he wouldn’t have had this career.

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