Top 12 actors who have played in music videos, a little musical parenthesis

If you’ve ever had enough of working and have considered a little professional break to do something else, tell yourself that it’s the same for actors, sometimes they get bored on Hollywood sets and are looking for a short contract that’s not too long. to make money. It’s in these moments that they think of playing in music videos, because it turns quickly, they rarely have to learn a text and it boosts their career. And we are also talking about very big movie stars, not small-time actors.

1. Robert Downey Jr in an Elton John music video

He was very young, it was long before he played Iron Man and to calm down because it happened during his big period of drugs, prison and scabrous stories. Robert Downey Jr starred in a Sir Elton John clip in the middle of his turbulent years and it’s worth a look because he’s all young and fresh.

2. Rupert Grint in an Ed Sheeran music video

Probably the two most famous redheads in the UK, so it only made sense that they met in a music video or on a Quidditch pitch. And it happened since Rupert Grint played the lead singer in one of his videos for the track “Lego House.” Playing Lego with Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran also happens to be my biggest dream.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal in a music video for The Shoes

See Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of a serial killer who attacks hipsters was not won but it happened on a clip of the group The Shoes which comes to us from the best city in the world, I named Reims. It’s well filmed, it’s shocking, it’s well acted and the music is good good good as JJG would say.

4. Tom Hanks in a Carly Rae Jepsen music video

Have you always dreamed of seeing Tom Hanks in a music video? Ever dreamed of seeing Tom Hanks DANCE in a music video? I’ll even be more specific: have you always dreamed of seeing Tom Hanks dancing in a music video WITH JUSTIN BIEBER? So look at this one, it’s worth gold.

5. Shia LaBeouf in a Sia music video

Admit it, when you saw this clip you thought the same thing as everyone else: you said to yourself “damn Shia LaBoeuf is damn good”. And you were right, he’s really fucked up. Then we’re not going to lie to each other, the clip is super weird and is not one of the clips with super original scenarios.

6. Christopher Walken in a Fatboy Slim music video

If you want to see the incredible actor Christopher Walken dance like no other to moving music, I can only recommend this clip of the song weapon of choice by Fatboy Slim. If you want us to do it together contact me in pm, learn the choreography for tomorrow and I’ll come to your house to do it together.

7. Ian McKellen in a George Ezra music video

He is Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. He is Magneto in X-Men. He is also a guy sitting on a bench in the clip Listen to the man of George Ezra who clearly does not have the voice of his physique. Look at this class of McKellen, he seems to love his role like never before.

8. Angelina Jolie in a Rolling Stones music video

Meeting at the top: Angelina Jolie x Rolling Stones, the thing that nobody expected and yet it took place in the 90s, in 1997 to be exact. She has short hair, she undresses lasciviously and she strolls in the streets, an altogether classic activity in music videos.

9. Eddie Murphy in a Michael Jackson music video

At the time the first was the king of the valve and the second the king of pop and that gave a completely original clip. It must be said that Jackson was famous for making particularly stylish videos for his songs and at the time there was nothing more stylish than Eddie Murphy, so you won’t find him in the worst music videos of the 90s.

10. Ben Affleck in a Jennifer Lopez music video

When they were a couple for the first time, Ben Affleck had played in a clip of his dear and tender J-Lo and it was not just any since it was about Jenny from the block, one of his biggest hits. Well he’s just making an appearance but at the same time he had other things to do at the time, like playing in Daredevil.

11. Jesse Williams in a Demi Lovato music video

Look at that how handsome he is, it’s normal that Demi Lovato took the opportunity to pretend to marry him in a clip, everyone would have done the same in his place. They go so well together.

12. Ben Stiller in a P Diddy music video

It was the golden age of hip-hop and this billionaire P Diddy had invited beautiful people in his clip including the actor / comedian Ben Stiller who makes a small appearance because he is his friend and that he probably had nothing better to do that day. But above all because he too is a bad boy for life.

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