Top 12 actors who dropped a role in a big saga (and it wasn’t the same…

We’ve all been absent from something before, because in the end we had better things to do on a Sunday at nine o’clock in the morning than to go to the mass for the baptism of your insufferable bastard Daniel, and if you wanted us to come, maybe you had to be provided with wine and petit fours. In the singular world of cinema and TV series, it has happened quite often that actors or actresses give up a role to be replaced by someone else, which generally provokes a feeling that could be summed up by “it’s was better with the other” when it’s an important role or “hasn’t he changed his face? when it’s a secondary role.

1. Henry Cavill will be replaced in season 4 of “The Witcher”

Thunderbolt at netflixthe event series on the adventures of Geralt de Riv will change considerably since the main actor will simply be replaced by Liam Hemsworth since Cavill will concentrate on the filming of Superman and find time to work out. Too bad for the fans, but it really takes a long time.

2. Eric Bana and Edward Norton in “Hulk”

Must say that this story started badly: the film with Eric Bana was as bad as a night of love with a drainer and the filming of the second went extremely badly. Norton was so boring that he got kicked out of the MCU, so we finally cast Mark Ruffalo in the role and that’s fine.

3. Rachelle Lefevre in “Twilight”

It’s hard because the actress learned the trick a little at the last moment, but basically Rachelle Lefevre who played Victoria in the first two parts of these stupid films was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard from the third film, which in the end was perhaps better for her, appearing in two Twilights was already too much. For my part I have already watched the second film but my vision was blinded by the infamous acting of Taylor Lautner.

4. Terrence Howard in “Iron Man”

Terrence Howard played the role of Rhodey in the very first film and had to put on the costume of war machine in the sequels, but it didn’t necessarily go as planned. Some say he didn’t get along with Downey Jr and Howard defends himself by saying he was given a huge pay cut for the second movie but anyway it was Don Cheadle who got it back the role and had all the best moments.

5. Jodie Foster in “The Silence of the Lambs”

It was hard to believe that a sequel could see the light of day without the excellent Jodie Foster in the role of Clarisse, and yet when the production of Hannibal began she directly walked away from the project stating that not a day has gone by that she hasn’t thought about Doctor Lecter since filming the first film. Visibly traumatized it was the actress (no less excellent) Julianne Moore who took over the role in her place and it was not bad too.

6. Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts 3”

It was a big mess when in full promotion of Fantastic Beasts 2 the Depp/Heard divorce screwed up the production of the next installment. The actor was ousted from the project and we put the very good Mads Mikkelsen in the place to play this good old trickster from Grindelwald. I haven’t seen the movie so no idea how they justified it, maybe with a vial of polyjuice.

7. Katie Holmes in “Batman Begins”

It’s stupid because the trilogy promised to give a lot of visibility to the actress who would play Rachel Dawes aka Bruce Wayne’s ultimate crush. In the first part it was Katie Holmes who got the role but for some strange reason it was Maggie Gyllenhaal who got the job in the second film and it’s not going very well for her pretty little face in it by the way .

Top 12 actors who dropped a role in a big
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8. Ed Skrein in “Game of Thrones”

Daario Naharis was played by Ed Skrein, an English actor (you know he’s the guy Daenerys wants to get for a while). He’s the one who did the dirty work of flirting with the queen of the dragons, but it’s the Dutchman Michiel Huisman, who arrived in season 4, who will really benefit from it and can cuddle her under the duvet before she does not decide to sleep with her nephew and leave severely in balls.

9. Rachel Weisz in “The Mummy”

The casting for this trilogy worked wonderfully well, but a priori the actress did not want to be away from her family for five months to shoot in China, which could explain why she decided to break from the project to leave the room for Maria Bello to reprise the role. It was the beginning of the end for this saga, long before Tom Cruise decided to do a reboot that we advise you less than to eat plaster.

10. Lisa Robin Kelly in “That Seventy Show”

After playing the sister of main character Eric Forman for six seasons, Lisa Robin Kelly decided to jump ship after going through horrific personal hardships (the loss of a child and alcohol consumption). It’s actress Christina Moore who took over the role until the end of the series and it’s not very cheerful.

11. The sad case of Andy Whitfield in “Spartacus”

This is probably one of the most obvious changes since it concerns a main actor. Andy Whithfield died at just 39 of cancer while filming a season of Spartacus (a somewhat underrated series). A drama. He was replaced by Liam McIntyre who played the role well, but at first it was inevitably disturbing. And very very sad.

12. Bonus: the big mess of “Doctor Who”

Or how to play with the change of actor with mischief, if you follow Doctor Who you’ve probably noticed that it’s become the hallmark of making viewers salivate over who will be reprising the famous role after a few seasons. For my part, can’t wait to see the French version with Guillaume Canet and his group of friends who take over the role in each episode and tell us about their holidays in the Arcachon basin.

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