Top 12 Actors Who Asked Their Coworkers Something Unlikely

We all have special colleagues who have special tastes or unusual requests. For example my colleague Louise insists on having tea all the time but only agrees to drink it if it has first been poured hot on my face, which is a bit boring from my point of view. In the middle of the cinema it’s a bit the same mess, some actors have rehired requests, and others strange requests, bordering on the improbable, what we suggest you see in a few examples.

1. Lindsay Lohan asked everyone to get naked on set.

It didn’t come like that for free, basically it was for the filming of a scene where she had to appear naked in “The Canyons”, the actress who was stressed demanded that the whole team get naked to shoot the scene. Inevitably everyone refused, but the director Paul Schrader decided to devote himself and got naked at the same time as her to shoot the famous scene. It’s stupid because it was enough just to refuse at the time of signing the contract to avoid demanding it on the day of the shooting of the scene.

2. Robert De Niro very distant with Mickey Rourke on the set of “Angel Heart”

If you haven’t seen this Alan Parker masterpiece, I’ll spare you the spoilers, but quickly fix that and watch it. Be that as it may, the characters played by De Niro and Rourke have a particular “relationship” in the film, and to safeguard this particularity De Niro had asked this dear Mickey not to approach him, not to speak to him, not even to say hello to him during the whole shoot and especially not to touch him during their common scenes. Suffice to say that Mickey Rourke found the requests a bit harsh.

3. Angelina Jolie demanded a lot of things from Johnny Depp on the set of “The tourist”

Angelina Jolie had made several remarks to Depp about her late arrivals on the set when she obviously took forever to prepare for each scene. But she also pointed out to the actor that he could have exercised more and carved out a better body for his role as well as cut his hair since she didn’t like his haircut. Requests that the actor refused and which did not improve their symbiosis behind the camera. With this shitty atmosphere for a film in front of which we get so pissed off, it would have been wiser to call it “The Tourista”.

4. Tom Cruise asked all the cast of ‘Top Gun 2’ to take flying lessons.

In order to best prepare the actors for filming the flight sequences, Tom Cruise (who produces the film) decided to ask each actor who played one of the pilots to take real flying lessons in a specialized school. We are not talking about a 2-hour first flight but about a three-month training where the actors did real stunts in fighter planes to be directly at the controls of the planes in most scenes. A little excessive, in the sense that someone could have died but he is like that Tom, a real hothead.

5. Kanye West pissed off everyone on the “Living Legends 2” set to listen to his new album.

Will Ferrell’s second movie about star presenters featured (like the first) a big fight scene between all the TV presenters in town. In this scene full of cameos, we could see Kanye West trying his hand at the game. The thing is that on the set it was absolutely nonsense, he played songs from his next album between takes and he had to telling him to cut them when we were shooting, he had no real idea what to do and when he finished shooting his scenes he still stayed on set just to hang out with the crew. An enigma this man.

6. Daniel Day Lewis freaked out again on the set of “Lincoln”

Known for immersing himself a little too much in his characters even when the camera is not rolling, Day Lewis had already been talked about on the sets of Gangs of New York and There will be blood. On the set of lincoln everyone had to address him by the name of the president and no one had to have a British accent, but he also had a mania for sending messages to his colleague Sally Field who played his wife by signing Abraham Lincoln. The sucker. But he still won an Oscar, which the actor who played in Lincoln, vampire huntera historically faithful film.

7. Allison Hannigan asked for $10 per cigarette break from Jason Segel on “How I Met Your Mother”

The two actors who played the famous couple Lily and Marshall in the series had a big problem on set: Jason Segel smoked like a firefighter and Hannigan hated the smell. But since they were often next to each other and kissed constantly, the actress demanded $10 for each cigarette break from the actor, which prompted him to stop for a while. almost a year of smoking. Then the stress returned and the actor resumed smoking and the actress felt like “kissing an ashtray” for several seasons.

8. Joe Pesci who asked Ray Liotta to follow him in his delirium on “The Freedmen”

This scene, which naturally finds its place in the list of the most stressful scenes, was also an improvisation. Basically the character of Ray Liotta says to the one played by Joe Pesci that he is funny and this one starts freaking out. Pesci was inspired by a scene he really experienced when he was younger and was serving a mobster in a restaurant, he told Liotta about it and asked him not to say anything to others and to trap the actors present on the set and the entire technical team by following him in his delirium (and by changing the scene initially planned and rehearsed).

9. Jim Carrey who got screwed on the set of “Man on the moon”

When it’s not Daniel Day Lewis spinning on a set, it’s Jim Carrey who gets stuck in a role. On the set of man on the moon he demanded that everyone call him Andy Kaufman (or his alter ego Tony Clifton) and took himself a little too much for his character. This is probably why at the end of filming it took him several months to come down from his role. Kind of sucks, you have to talk to him calling him by two different names that aren’t even his real name.

10. Heath Ledger asked Christian Bale to punch him on the set of ‘Dark Knight’

As Bale told him that pretending would make it look like he was really hitting him, Ledger pushed him to bust his ass for real during the interrogation scene. The actor was throwing himself against the tiled walls where some cracks appeared as the takes progressed, which deeply marked Christian Bale, such as the time he almost fell down the stairs at his aunt’s house when he was a kid.

11. Bradley Cooper pestering Dave Chappelle to come to his movie

American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle threw a big star party that we weren’t invited to. Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, was there, and he had offered Chappelle a role that evening in his next film “A star is born” with Lady Gaga. The thing is that Cooper was really very very insistent and called Dave almost every day to tell him “azy come and play in my fdp movie lol there are cakes on the control table too” and finally the poor man accepted the role only for Cooper to stop pissing him off, yet another role accepted for odd reasons.

12. Steve McQueen was hooked up with Paul Newman on “The Towering Inferno.”

If Paul Newman was rather friends with Robert Redford, his relationship with Steve McQueen was more complicated. Already there was a rivalry in their hobby of motor racing, but McQueen was awful on the one movie they did together: The infernal tower. He literally broke his balls so that his name would be above Newman’s on the poster, asked for a fire helmet that didn’t hide his whole face, which meant that everyone had to have the same for it to fit and it was expensive. And last request: he demanded to have exactly the same number of lines as Newman, we were forced to rewrite the script as we went along to respond to his whim. Newman was definitely classier in every way.