Crockery is a vast area of ​​doubt and existential questioning. And as with everything, there are several schools. We look at it with joy and delight.

The one who has no respect for tidying up and creates chaos in the area: the anarchist

You throw your plates still full of food into the brothel, there’s zero consistency, the cutlery is lying next to the plates that you haven’t even taken care to put away in the space provided for this purpose. Besides, you wash both wooden cutlery and Teflon dishes full of fat. In short, you are a monster with a sick mind.

The purist who considers the dishwasher as a temple

You take back all the dishes that have already been deposited by other dirty people before you, you re-arrange everything according to the rules of the dishwasher (a manual that you wrote yourself and self-published. Your dishwasher is so tidy it looks like a work of art.

The one who confuses the dishwasher and her cupboard: the lazy one

Your dishwasher has very quickly become your cupboard since your clean dishes will never know any other movement than that of being soiled directly by you and then returning directly to their place in the dishwasher. Finally, the cycle of life.

The one who knows all the best locations: the dishwasher manufacturer

You know all the mistakes we make with our dishwasher by heart. You are a reference in the matter. For example, you know that if you put too big a dish in the dishwasher, it blocks the wash arm. Yes yes “the washing arm”. The others, they thought it was called a propeller, but in fact no it’s a washing arm. Only you know that, you bottomless well of science.

The one who likes to waste water: the big bastard

You run the dishwasher with just a spoon in it because you’re too lazy to do it by hand. Clearly you don’t deserve to live.

Those who put the cutlery upside down: free spirits

You are obviously people with a superior intelligence whose beauty is matched only by your charisma.

And suddenly, those who put the cutlery upside down: the big jesters

Ah but how I don’t even despise you I look at you so much I defecate in your mouth you are too much of a narvalo.

The dirty selfish man who only tidies up what he has soiled

The kind of person you don’t want to see in life, or not for more than two minutes a week.

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The completist: as long as the dishwasher is not 100% full, you do not start it

No question of wasting a cycle for nothing. You are what is called a thoroughbred ecologist. MDR no I’m kidding if you were a thoroughbred ecologist you wouldn’t use a dishwasher. No dishes. Or cheesecloth for that matter.

Anyone who is not at all aware of the concept of a dishwasher

You do the dishes by hand forgetting that you had a dishwasher you’ve never been used to this luxury. You are telling the truth.

Top 11 Ways to Put Your Dishwasher Away and What

The one who goes much too far in her use of the dishwasher

You read a stupid top that said you could wash a lot of things in the dishwasher so now you put everything in it, and if you could you would wash yourself in the dishwasher.

Yes, this top of things that go in the dishwasher exists.