Top 11 unluckiest people in history, did you say scoumoune?

We all know people for whom everything is always going smoothly. They have only to bend down to find tickets, receive calls from notaries reminding them of the existence of a rich and family-oriented old aunt, meet celebrities who adore and produce their projects, find work without looking for it and never get fat. Happy people have no history. You have to tell yourself that, to reassure yourself.

1. The guy whose whole village won the lottery, except him

The Christmas lottery in Spain is something. Especially for the inhabitants of Sodeto, who all played the same numbers in December 2012. Thus winning 900 million euros to share. All the inhabitants have become rich; all but one, Costis Mitsotakis. He had been forgotten by the organizers of the operation and had therefore not bought a ticket. Damn.

2. The guy who was bombed in Hiroshima AND Nagasaki

On August 6, 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi had business to attend to in Hiroshima. He was cushy in his tram when BOOM. Hearing loss, partial blindness; but he survives. Where to go ? At home, in Nagasaki, of course. No sooner said than done. And in Nagasaki: boom. Tsutomu Yamaguchi thus survived two atomic bombs. He died in 2010 at age 93.

3. The guy who was struck seven times by lightning

Roy Sullivan is kind of an urban legend who wouldn’t be a legend and would be a forest ranger, so not too urban. This ranger was struck no less than 7 times by lightning between 1942 and 1977 and survived each time. He finally died in 1983, but his phenomenal bad luck made him famous. He even has his Wikipedia page.

4. The guy bitten by a shark, by a snake, attacked by monkeys and struck by lightning

Erik Norrie is a bad luck magnet. He was attacked by a shark near the coast of the Bahamas and lost part of his leg. Before that, he had already survived a lightning strike, the bite of a poisonous snake and two monkey attacks. Good after, the guy defines himself as a citizen of the world, so we want to say well done.

5. The guy who survived a train wreck, a plane crash, three car crashes and got run over

This is living proof of the limitations inherent in statistics. Selak, a Croatian teacher first survived a train derailment on his way to Dubrovnik in 1962. The train had fallen into a river. Then, a few years later, the plane taking him out of Croatia crashed, killing 19 people. But not Selak. Selak still had to face bosses from other levels. The bus in which he was three years later fell in turn into a river, causing the death of 4 people. Then, in 1970, the car he was in exploded after rollovers, but Selak managed to escape from the cabin before the fateful moment. In 1973, another of his cars exploded, and Selak lost his entire scalp. Then, in 1993, he went under the wheels of a bus. Still standing, rest assured.

6. The girl who got hit by a meteorite on her house

The chances of getting a piece of meteorite on the face are really tiny. But a 30-year-old American living in Alabama, Ann Hodge, saw her house destroyed by a meteor in 1954. The meteor landed on her, leaving her with a gigantic scar. To date, he is the only person ever hit by a meteorite in history.

7. The girl who was on board three ships that ran aground

Violet Constance Jessop, a British nurse, is known to have survived three shipwrecks of the White Star Line’s three main ships, including the Titanic. First a waitress on board the Olympic, she experienced her first maritime accident when the ship collided with a wartime counterpart. In 1912, she had the good idea to retry the experience aboard the Titanic, the story of which is not repeated here. Then in 1916, she persisted in her idea of ​​working with the White Star by boarding the Brittanic, which hit a mine.

8. The woman whose 5 homes were destroyed by hurricanes

Melanie Martinez was not like Cadet-Roussel: she only had one house, located in Louisiana. But Hurricane Betsy destroyed it in 1965. Then it was the turn of Juan in 1985, then George in 1998 and Katrina in 2005 to destroy its successive replacements.

As in a great American story, Martinez was saved by television. His house, in the suburbs of New Orleans, was chosen for a typical operation “I rebuild and pimp your barrack”. But but but… On August 29, 2012, Hurricane Isaac was to destroy her house again.

9. The villagers who always played the same numbers in the lottery, until the day when…

Until the day when, in 2012, the tobacconist forgot to validate the grid. Except that that day, the grid was a winner. The inhabitants tried everything to coax the French games, who did not want to know. TV news has made it their favorite.

10. The guy the American Civil War was chasing

McLean was a cushy landowner in his native Virginia. In 1861, the first major battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Bull Run, broke out on its land. His house was requisitioned as headquarters by the Confederates. 800 dead. A year later, the second Battle of Bull Run was again fought on his land. This time, there were 3,500 dead. Well, that was too much. McLean bought himself a cute little barn in a cushy corner of Virginia. But in 1865, the last battle of the war took place… In his new home. This is also where the truce was signed by General Lee. Lord of War, what.

11. A man contracted AIDS, monkeypox and Covid at the same time

In the series “I have no pot”, this one certainly wins the prize. And we wish a lot of courage to this man…

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