Top 11 tips for learning to read quickly, Les Miserables in two days? Yes it’s…

To give you an idea, a normal human eye reads an average of 200 to 300 words per minute. But some are super strong and manage to break records by reading 4000 words per minute. They are the world champions of speed reading and they give us serious trouble reading cobblestones of several hundred pages in about twenty minutes, having understood everything in addition.

During confinement, you may have found the time and the motivation to dive back into your library and read all the books you had never opened. If that’s not the case yet, you have a few days left to catch up on your reading time and our advice below should help you, and it also works for your kids who have to read all of Proust before their hypothetical back to school. This top is for you and for your children.

1. Place yourself in a calm and well-lit environment to promote concentration

To be a pro at speed reading, it takes a little patience and a lot of concentration. In a first phase of training, you are therefore advised to choose an environment favorable to these conditions rather than in a crowded metro, without light when you have a fever of 48.

2. Do not read in your head as if you were reading aloud

This technique of subvocalization is widely used and explains why we read so slowly. In fact, your eyes photograph the words one by one, which slows down your reading considerably. Some even advise humming while reading to be sure that your reading does not involve the vocal cords at any time (even in silence).

Top 11 tips for learning to read quickly, les miserables in two days? Yes it's...

3. The faster you read, the better you understand

We foolishly believe that by reading faster we will reduce our rate of comprehension of a text, but it seems that it is totally the opposite. On the contrary, by reading faster, our brain is able to synthesize more and therefore improve the rate of comprehension.

4. Force yourself to gaze first every 5 words

On average for a lambda reader, our eyes focus between 6 and 10 times on each line. It’s way too much. To reduce these ocular “pauses”, you can gradually get used to stopping your gaze first every three words, then every 5 words, etc. Gradually your brain will get used to photographing all the words and understanding their meaning at a glance.

Top 11 tips for learning to read quickly, les miserables in two days? Yes it's...

5. Do not hesitate to use your finger at first

It’s a little embarrassing OK but in fact it’s really useful. You have to know that when we read, our eyes wander, they wander in all directions and that’s how you lose the thread and the concentration and that at the end of a sentence of Proust you no longer know what it was causing at the beginning. So to train you do not hesitate to help you with a reading guide. Your finger, a pen, a stick, a beam, whatever you want. By following the movement of the object you will force your eyes to focus less often and therefore to read faster.

6. We must first accept to regress before progressing

Speed ​​reading cannot be improvised with the snap of a finger (although not far, in a few days you can already double your speed). We must train. However, when we integrate new reading methods, our brain thinks too much about these methods and we lose understanding. It’s normal, don’t panic. you just have to practice enough for these reading methods to become natural.

Top 11 tips for learning to read quickly, les miserables in two days? Yes it's...

7. For a text to be read on a screen, for lack of a finger or a wand, you can simply underline the text

For example, let’s base ourselves on the lyrics of “You want my zizi” by Francky Vincent:

Come this evening in my house You will have all my warmth Come this evening in my hut You will not know the breakdown Come this evening in my hut You the hen and I the rooster.

Now try reading that same sentence without reading the words but just looking at the underline:

Come to my house tonight You’ll have all my warmth Come to my cabin tonight You won’t know the breakdown Come to my shack tonight You’re the hen and I’m the rooster

Good bah normally you should read it faster. If you don’t, you’re too dumb.

8. Start reading a paragraph from the 4th or 5th word

Once again, you have to trust your brain and its ability to photograph all the words. Starting with the 5th word, it will therefore have recorded the first words of the paragraph on its own without wasting your time. In the same way you can normally do without scanning the last line of the page that your brain will have integrated in its reading anyway.

Top 11 tips for learning to read quickly, les miserables in two days? Yes it's...

9. There’s no point in going back when you haven’t understood a passage well

It’s not always conscious but our eyes often backtrack on certain words when we haven’t understood a sentence or a passage. So we’re going to save you a lot of time: it’s useless. You will understand more by going ahead in your reading than by trampling eight years on the same passage.

10. Use Bionic Reading

Looks like I just invented the term but no, bionic reading is serious business. Basically, this is done by reading text with certain letters in capitals, which guides the eyes to specific points in the text that the brain fully understands. An app directly transforms text like this and saves you precious time, which we advise you to do because time is money.

11. Train on online sites

First you can already assess your current reading speed on this site. Then, the Zap Reader site allows you to copy paste a text and choose its reading speed. The exercise is a little truncated because the words are projected one by one, which does not allow you to have a natural reading like reading a book, but it is a good way to get used to reading faster. You can also grab apps like Speed ​​reading Where Spritz.

And if not, we recommend this video by our friend Fabien Olicard, who greatly helped us in writing this top… All you have to do is pass on this knowledge to your children to perfect your homeschooling experience. And if reading is really your hobby, you know what to claim as gifts for great readers for your next déconfinement boom.

Sources: Nicolas Beretti, Wiki How

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