Top 11 things you think are dirty when they really aren’t

I don’t know about you, but I find that people have the “Haaaaaan, too disgusting” a little too easy. Because okay, there are things we can debate, things for which we can legitimately ask ourselves “is it dirty or isn’t it dirty? », and then there are things that are objectively cracra. But others are considered dirty by most people when in reality they are not. Let’s take our hands and change our perspective on them. But please wash our hands first.

1. Fungal infections

Of course, nobody likes having yeast infection: it can scratch, it can smell, and it’s sometimes visually unattractive. But, concretely, getting a yeast infection is most of the time not a sign of poor hygiene. It’s just that micro-mushrooms (which we often already had on us) suddenly develop a little too much. It’s just that our microbial flora is a little out of order, and it’s even often due to an excess of hygiene (especially for genital mycoses). In short, nothing to cry out in disgust. It happens, it heals, and it goes away. Nothing crazy.

2. Cystitis

Urinary tract infections are not due to a lack of hygiene either. It comes either from a disruption of the vaginal flora because of hormones, or from intestinal bacteria which end up in the urethra because the vagina is close to the anus, or from sexual intercourse since the person who penetrates can bring in bacteria near the anus into the vagina. It’s not a crados disease, and most women will have (at least) cystitis in their lifetime. Yeah, I say “at least” because a lot of chicks have cystitis repeatedly and curse the person who drew the plans of the human body. Little thought for them.

3. Having a wart

Warts are moderately contagious, so it’s obviously best to avoid touching them, but getting a wart has nothing to do with poor hygiene. For that, it is enough to have been in contact with a surface or an object infected with the papillomavirus (like the famous tiling of the municipal swimming pools on which hundreds of people walk barefoot). It can clearly happen to anyone, including someone who showers morning and night.

Top 11 things you think are dirty when they really
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4. White discharge

Women have vaginal secretions that can be whitish, and this is called white discharge. It’s certainly not super pretty, but it’s completely natural and therefore far from being dirty. Unless, of course, the people concerned keep the same panties for several days in a row. But that goes for everyone: we change panties/underpants every day, ok?

5. Rules

Well, normally, anyone who has received an education worthy of the name is aware that menstruation is absolutely nothing filthy. It’s just the uterus that evacuates the part of the endometrium that was intended to accommodate a fertilized egg. But there are still a few (too many) people to believe that the rules are gross. Usually these are guys whose opinion hasn’t been asked at all, and they usually don’t have women in their hearts. We can always save 2-3 of them by calmly explaining to them that they are wrong, but for the most part it is unfortunately a waste of time.

6. Acne

Acne is a bit of proof that life is unfair. A person with poor hygiene may never have acne, and, conversely, someone who is super conscientious about cleansing the body may have acne for years. It’s mostly about hormones and heredity, and besides it’s not even contagious, so please stop pointing fingers at poor acne sufferers who are already in a lot of pain and screaming “bouuuuh the dirty face of calculator”. Yes, I know you often do.

7. Eczema

You know what I’m about to say: no, eczema has nothing to do with poor hygiene. It is an inflammation of the skin due to contact with allergenic products or surfaces, which can have a genetic origin, which can be amplified by stress and which is not contagious. You can wash as much as you want, but if you have eczema, it won’t change anything. But wash yourself once in a while, like once a day, it doesn’t hurt.

8. Urine

Some people think that urine is super filthy, and, conversely, others think it’s sterile. Well, it’s not sterile (it’s a received idea) but it’s not dirty either. The only bacteria present in the urine are “good” bacteria which form the flora of the bladder and fight against urinary tract infections. Nobody’s going to ask to slather you with urine or pour you a glass of it, but know that it’s not a particularly gross liquid.

9. Earwax

It is true that the sight of an ear full of earwax clusters is absolutely nothing appetizing. It even gives a little the gerbe, it must be admitted. On the other hand, earwax itself is not dirty, and it is even useful. It lubricates the ear, cleans it and protects it. That’s why wanting to wash your ears too much is counterproductive, so we calm down on the cotton swabs ladies and gentlemen.

10. Hair

Well, hairs are hairs. Like hair, but on the body. Do you think it’s dirty, the hair? In addition, depending on the location, such as in the nose or on the pubis/bikini, the hair has a protective role and acts as a filter that retains bad foreign bodies. It’s as if we had a bouncer at the entrance who took care of clearing intruders, which is quite classy.

11. Psoriasis

Much like eczema, psoriasis is an often genetic, inflammatory skin disease that forms patches on the body. Basically, it’s the skin that renews itself too quickly in places, which causes the appearance of not-so-pretty patches. It’s extremely boring, but not contagious or dirty at all.

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