Top 11 things to remember from the return of Stars at home, the happy show

We are in 2002, France has just been eliminated by Senegal in the World Cup. Jacques Chirac is president. Indochine leads the top 50 with “I asked the moon”. Eminem will soon release “8 mile”. There’s a new series called “Scrubs” that sounds amazing. Vulcania opens its doors. And tonight… it’s STARS AT HOME!!!!!!!

Okay, we’re not quite in 2002 anymore. But we’re still happy to see this legendary show back.

But was the comeback worth it? Full answers below.

1. Soprano le SAV

To surprise Tony, her biggest fan, Soprano has to pretend to be Guillaume, a technician buddy who comes to fix an amp. And when Tony has to call Guillaume, he burns out Soprano’s voice IN THE SECOND. ” Well it’s Soprano on the phone, I recognized it straight away“.

Biggest failure in the show’s history. History is being written before our eyes. Thanks for coming back.

2. Memories…

Yes, Patrick Fiori had fans. It may sound surprising, but it is real.

In 2001, it was therefore Patoche who made the very first surprise in the history of the show. And reviewing the sequence, one wonders if the fan was really a fan. She seemed to give a FUCK.

Please get out of my living room

3. Clara Luciani is too nice

Clara Luciani, surely the first star to be more moved than her fan! The two were way too shy, and way too cute. First in video, then in real life: Sarah was too touching. She almost refused to believe it. “Don’t you understand what it’s like not to understand? » she said, in shock.

And then the singing sequence in between. Phew. We had a smile the whole sequence.

4. Yannick Noah, the bad student

In 2002, it was Yannick Noah who had to surprise a fan in the middle of a French lesson. Each student had to write a letter to their favorite artist and then read it aloud. And after two letters to Bruce Willis and Blink 182: Manon starts reading her letter to Yannick.

And there, we can not help but think. What if she had written a letter to someone else? It would have been EXCEPTIONAL.


5. The blow of old…

Seeing baby Jennifer again… Time flies so fast… To say the fan is probably 56 now…

6. The village party

Maitre Gims was a “fan of the show”, so it makes sense that he came to surprise one of his fans.

Well the surprise was a little rotten, an old moldy flashmob on a village square. But no matter, she was too happy and that’s the main thing. We felt Gims moderately comfortable on the other hand. Or not at all. Well, it was hell. Embarrassed as ever.

7. Flirt like never before

Good on the other hand, it’s not that Pauline was a fan of Gims… It’s that she really wanted to DAMAGE him. The sequence exudes desire in full nose.


And There you go. We saw Lorie again sing “Your best friend” and we now have her in mind for 6 months.

Thank you eh.


Brilliant idea: going to wake up the same fan again as 20 years ago. Imagine you’re 28 years old, you haven’t listened to Lorie for at least 10 years and you see her come into your room in the early morning.

As funny as it is embarrassing.

– “So for 20 years, you’re still a fan? »– “…”

10. The best fan

We loved Helena. 72 years old and hardcore fan of Julien Doré. Accompanied by her most beautiful custom jacket specially created for Juju, of course. Well let me tell you that Hélène is absolutely adorable. We didn’t cry at all during the surprise. Not at all.

(That’s wrong. We dropped everything.)

11. The best for last

Florent Pagny with the worst look ever singing in a shitty mall in front of a very embarrassed fan. Pascal Obispo who shows up at a wedding when everyone is already completely torn.

It really was the best fucking show.

We were a little afraid of a comeback, but honestly: it’s a success.

Between new surprises and old highlights of the show, we had a great time. A lot of discomfort but a real sincerity and very touching sequences. In the end, a super feel good show and a real good time.

We want more!

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