Top 11 things that we are told are dangerous when not at all, kicks…

Unlike stuff that doesn’t look dangerous but is, like water or potato chips, some creepy things in our daily lives aren’t nearly as bad as we think. They are in fact victims of our prejudices because we are all a bit of a freak when there is often no reason. Here is something to calm your greatest fears and reassure your inner child. It’s up to you to take the risk (but in moderation anyway).

1. Aircraft turbulence

When the pilot announces that the plane is going to enter a zone of turbulence and that it is better to fasten your seat belt, many of us defecate on it. Completely normal reaction. And yet… Turbulence is not at all dangerous for the plane, even when you feel like you are falling ten meters and shaking as much as in Space Mountain at Disneyland. In reality, the plane moves only a few centimeters. It is also designed to withstand extreme turbulence so there is no chance of a wing tearing off. In short, the only reason you have to fasten your seatbelt is so that you don’t fall off like an idiot and injure yourself in a ridiculous way. For your honor what.

2. Gorillas

In a lot of movies like The Planet of the Apes or even King Kong, gorillas are depicted as wicked, hate-filled stuffed animals that will tear you in half if you dare look at them for more than a second. Whereas in reality, NENNI! They are pacifist herbivores who really don’t care about your life. Unless, of course, you go into their personal space and mess with them. Otherwise, they should leave you alone.

3. Swallow gum

Who has never been afraid of dying after swallowing chewing gum thinking that it would stick to our intestines and cause irreversible damage that would end in our death? Come on, admit it, we all did it (encouraged by our parents who liked to spread this kind of fake news). Well know that since all this time, we are wrong: swallowing chewing gum is not dangerous. Indeed, the body will digest it badly, but the chewing gum will still come out on its own like a big one through your stool. Good after, do not swallow 50 chewing gums in a row, there you risk creating a small plug in your belly. But otherwise it should be fine.

4. Eating food past the expiration date

Several surveys (by Envoyé Spécial, in particular) have proven it, but many products have a false expiry date which aims to make you buy as much food as possible (cc waste). Obviously, it is necessary to respect the expiry date (DLC, or “to consume until”) of certain fragile foods such as fish or meat. But some products such as yogurts, or other foods with an optimal use-by date (DLUO, or “best before”) can clearly be eaten after the date indicated. Bottom line: Don’t gamble with your health, but don’t be control freaks if you drank milk at 12:01 a.m. past the expiration date.

5. Eat watermelon seeds

A bit like chewing gum, children, we were scared to eat watermelon seeds for fear of having a watermelon that pushes us in the belly. How stupid we were back then… Today, I can reassure you: watermelon seeds are very good for your health (in toxin elimination mode, regulation of the digestive tract and whatnot). Their only fault is to cause kidney damage because of the ammonia they contain if you eat them excessively (like 15 kilos). So you can make yourself a small snack of fried watermelon seeds in peace.

6. Cracking his joints

Shout out to all the parents who told their kids that you shouldn’t crack your fingers because it caused osteoarthritis. This info is totally false and many experiments have proven it. You can make an index concerto with peace of mind. Well, be aware that cracking your fingers can cause joint swelling and reduced grip strength, and some ways of cracking your fingers can cause tendonitis. But no more (it’s nice).

7. Sharks

So yes, you obviously won’t be able to adopt a little shark as a pet, it could end badly. But contrary to popular belief due to the media coverage of attacks, sharks are not that dangerous. Already, many are harmless or too small to harm us, even the big ones like the whale shark and the basking shark. Of 500 species, only 25 are involved in attacks (and the majority are perpetrated by only three species). And then know that the chance of being killed by a shark is only one in 3.7 million while the chances of being killed by the flu are one in 63. We don’t have the right ones enemies.

8. Skydiving

Soaring into the void can clearly fuck the female dog and give the impression that we are going to die. And yet, since the creation of tandem skydiving, there has never been a fatal accident in France. So yes, there have been other fatal accidents, particularly related to recklessness, panic and, very rarely, equipment, but these are accidents that happened solo. Proportionally, fatal car accidents are more frequent than those during a parachute jump. So you can stop stressing about giving your grandma a skydive for her 90th birthday. She will love it for sure.

9. Squinting

I’m sorry to tell you, but your CE1 teacher has been lying to you from the start. There’s no way your eyes will get stuck if you squint or stare blankly. It’s simply because squinting activates the muscles around the eye and they can’t get stuck. At most, they will be a little tired and you will feel it a little, but that’s it. Now you can make up for lost time and blind-eyed all the kids you meet on the street.

10. Bathe after eating

According to all the people around us, we should not bathe in the three hours following our last meal, because digestion would lead to an increase in the heat of our body, which could cause hydrocution with the freshness of the water. ‘water. What a mistake to have believed them. However, the increase in our body temperature is not high enough to cause hydrocution. So you can put on a good big roast before going splashing around: the swim won’t be the most pleasant, but you won’t have any chance of dying. On the other hand, avoid entering the water after prolonged exposure to the sun. That could be fatal for you (and you can’t leave now, you still have way too many Topito tops to read).

11. Metalheads

No, metalheads are not dangerous anarchists who only think about eating dead mice while dancing in attics, dressed in black. They are very nice people with their sufferings and their disappointments. They are like us in fact, stop changing sidewalks when you meet them, they mean you no harm.

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