Top 11 things that arrived much too late in France, we are bad

If in France we are not the last on certain points and certain innovations, we are often not the first either. There are several subjects on which we are lagging behind and even if we often pride ourselves on being an example for the world, it is not always, or even very rarely, the case. We’re going to show you some examples of things that came to us a little (too) late and there’s nothing to be proud of.

1. Women’s right to vote

YEAH I KNOW there are still countries where women don’t have the right to vote, but don’t start pissing off and insulting me in the comments since I don’t read them anyway. Say what you want but 1944 is late to give half the population a right that the other half has had since 1846.

2. Real paternity leave

It must be said that until the middle of the year 2021 the fathers were only entitled to eleven rotten days to welcome their newborn, which clearly left the mother struggling alone after childbirth. Since then we have finally pushed the length of the leave and it’s a good start. We just need to align ourselves with Norway, which offers a year’s leave to be shared between the two parents and there we will begin to become a reference.

Top 11 things that arrived much too late in France

3. Free periodic protection

Well already it’s not yet free for all women, only students. When we know that until 2016 these products were not even considered basic necessities, it’s scary, believe me that if men had their period not only would it be free for everyone for a while but in plus one would already have menstrual leave in place.

4. Teleworking

Several countries had set up telework for a long time but in France it was not won. And by “not won” I mean that we had to wait until the whole country was paralyzed by a global pandemic and people were confined to their homes before we decided to test the thing and see if it worked.

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5. The end of metro tickets

If some cities like Rennes (which is always one step ahead) had already implemented the end of the paper metro ticket, in Paris it will have been necessary to wait until 2022 to finally see the beautiful waste of paper and ink disappear. Disposable. Otherwise we could do exactly like in Germany and test the freeness of all public transport, that would be nice.

6. Bicycle garages and roads equipped to accommodate them

If you go for a walk in Denmark you will see that they really don’t mess around with the bike, they literally have boulevards for two wheels, multi-storey bike garages where you can not have them stolen and spaces to favor this transport. In France it’s not the same lemonade, there are still cycle paths that cross boulevards, bus lanes, Mordor and the storage room for nuclear power plant waste.

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7. All the stuff we owe to the unions

The advancement of retirement, the 35-hour week, the five weeks of paid vacation, the right to strike… All these little things that we owe to the unions (and mainly to the left) and which make some people yell because “gnagnagna I have more gasoline and I am being exploited and I don’t say anything why they are striking the others”. Sorry, little urge to yell.

8. The end of the privileges of the political class

Lol, no I’m kidding, they are still paid way too much with our money, are in the most total impunity when there is a scandal a week, have drivers, official housing and a whole bunch of fucking privileges of ministers when they do not give a shit and we hear all the time about the abolition of privileges. Yeah I came back up.

9. The four-day week

One day friends… One day we may have the right to touch this happiness with our finger… It will probably be another 30 years after everyone else but let’s not lose hope and we will finally be able to live the four-day week.

10. Our retreat

I’m kidding, we’ll be dead long before we see her arrive. Yeah I decided to report on the end of this top, mainly by pushing open doors and avoiding getting too wet, because I’m loose and like to follow trends.

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11. GIs on the beaches of Normandy

Must say that we waited for these idiots, everything was ready, the table was set as they say… Well they came to help us win it’s true, but coming in 1944 when we had been beating ourselves up since 1939 is not what one might call punctuality either.

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