Top 11 techniques of stars to escape the paparazzi

Being a star and earning lots of money must be pretty nice, but the excesses of fame, like the paparazzi, could drive anyone crazy. So, to escape these photographers who hover around stars like a fly around a cow’s ass, some celebrities have found original and rather effective techniques. We give them to you in case you become known one day.

1. Blake Lively pulls the rug out from under them by posting her own photos

September 2022, the actress is pregnant with her fourth child, which does not fail to fascinate the paparazzi. Tired and drunk of not being able to live her pregnancy quietly, Blake decided to post an intimate series of photos of her “baby bump” on Instagram, with the caption “Here are photos of me pregnant in real life so that the 11 guys waiting outside my house leave me alone. You are scaring me and my children.” Come on zou, we get out of the bush and we pack the camera.

2. Mark Hammil uses a wheelchair and a hat

He would have been seen several times with these accessories so as not to be noticed by the paparazzi. It’s not stupid, since sitting with a hat is less likely to recognize his face, but if it’s to hit all the inconveniences of a wheelchair, it’s still very hard.

3. Taylor Swift walks backwards

You don’t want us to take a picture of your face? So show your back. Taylor Swift has done this many times before, walking backwards to keep the paparazzi from getting good pictures of her that they could sell. She doesn’t really “escape” them, but at least they can’t make as much money off her as they would like. Finally on his face.

4. Taylor Swift, always her, would hide in suitcases

It seems delusional, and besides, no one believed it, but the singer would have already used this trick for certain trips. Source ? Zayn Malik, one of One Direction. Afterwards maybe he was simply trolling journalists by making up stories, but many believe him now.

5. George Clooney gets up early

He found a fairly simple trick to avoid running into photographers when he wants to go for a short motorbike ride: he leaves his house before 5 am. It’s not a dream life after all. Unless you like to get up early.

6. Rupert Grint puts on animal masks to go unnoticed

The interpreter of Ron Weasley (the real hero in Harry Potter) was a little tired of being chased by fans and photographers at events where he went. So he came up with a rather simple scheme: wear an animal mask. Like that, he just passes for a weird or funny stranger, but no one knows it’s him.

7. Daniel Radcliffe puts himself in the shoes of another hero

When he went to San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, the little guy who plays Harry Potter dressed up as Spiderman and had fun talking in an American accent so no one would recognize him. We wonder if Spiderman dresses up as Harry Potter when he goes to conventions.

8. Katy Perry never changed clothes

At one time, the singer was fed up with the paparazzi, so she found a clever technique: she always wore the same jumpsuit. At first, the photographers kept chasing her, then, as nothing changed from one day to the next in their shots, the photos gradually lost value. People magazine readers don’t want to see stars always wearing the same clothes, so the paparazzi left Katy Perry alone for a while.

9. Paris Hilton uses an anti-paparazzi scarf

The material of the scarf reflects the light of camera flashes extremely strongly, which prevents the paparazzi from taking correct shots. We would never have thought to say that one day, but we are quite admiring of Paris Hilton for once. Apparently, Cara Delevingne would use the same type of clothes.

10. Kim Kardashian employed a lookalike

To spend a quiet family vacation in Mexico, Kim K. paid a girl who looked like her like two drops of water to bask under the gaze of the paparazzi and create a diversion while the real one took advantage of this temporary tranquility. It’s cool life when you have enough money to have clones.

11. The members of Coldplay bought an ugly bakery to be quiet

It took us a while to understand the information, but basically, Chris Martin and his friends from Coldplay spotted a bakery in a very ugly building and thought that it would make a great place to prepare their album because nobody would pick them up here it’s so disgusting. Apparently it worked.

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