Top 11 stars who suddenly disappeared from the networks

When we think “star”, we generally think “big presence on social networks” (we also think “money” but that’s not the question today). Because yes, to manage their community of fans, stars must have likes on Instagram, teaser their news on Facebook and why not drop a few Tiktok from time to time. But it happens that celebrities decide, overnight, to break from social networks. Radio silence.

1. Tom Holland

The actor who puts on the Spider-Man costume announced it a few days ago: he is leaving social networks, without specifying for how long. The reason ? He wants to preserve himself mentally, which we can understand given how the networks can take our heads. Especially when you have over 60 million followers. Well, I don’t know that, since I don’t have 60 million followers, but I still imagine that it must relieve the pressure a little. In short, good rest Tom.

2. Wejdene

After getting out of Dance with the stars, the singer deleted all her posts on her Insta account and left only one with this simple message: “It was cool but… forget me”. As I write these lines, no one knows if she really stopped or if it was a big marketing stunt, but what is certain is that it surprised everyone. Finally all those who are interested.

Update: Since then, little Wejdene has returned to the networks and everyone has forgotten her little stroke of blood. It didn’t upset us too much, it must be said.

3.Taylor Swift

On Saturday, August 19, 2017, the country-pop singing superstar suddenly disappeared from social media. Given the level of celebrity of the person, it made a lot of noise, and in addition we had no explanation behind it. But then, barely 3 days later, Taylor reconnected her modem, got back on the networks and released a snake image to announce her new album. So that was it: marketing. But there was also surely a message behind it, since the snake was the emoji that Kim Kardashian fans used to insult Taylor Swift after she fell out with Kanye West. In short, if you don’t understand anything, don’t panic, but know that there was a bit of a zero war behind all this.

4. Zhao Wei

“BUT WHO IS ZHAO WEI?? DID I MISS ANYTHING IN THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF STARS??? AM I ON THE MARGINS OF SOCIETY??? » Wow wow wow soft, no panic. If you don’t know Zhao Wei, that’s normal: she is not known in our regions. She’s a super famous actress in China, and maybe that’s the problem, but let’s start with the facts. Since September 2021, Zhao Wei has suddenly disappeared from social networks where she had tens of millions of followers. Another problem, it has also disappeared from circulation. Why ? Well most likely because of the Chinese Communist Party which hates when personalities have too much influence and power in China. This is the same CCP that had already abducted powerful billionaire Jack Ma for several months, and there is every reason to believe that Zhao Wei is suffering the same fate. And since Jack Ma left the business landscape after returning to civilization, it is possible that Zhao Wei will decide not to return to social networks when she is finally released.

5. Cardi B

In May 2018, the singer had already left the networks for a few days, and she returned to the cover in February 2019 after winning the Grammy Award for best rap album of the year. She was being harassed by Nicki Minaj fans who thought she didn’t deserve her victory, so she preferred to disappear from social networks. Before returning, of course.

6. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been in pretty bad shape since that shooting accident where he killed a cinematographer with a gun he didn’t think was loaded, but that’s a whole other reason that led him to quit Twitter in January 2021. The reason is that Hilaria Baldwin, his wife, had invented Spanish roots and her lie was exposed. A little annoyed by the torrent of foam that he took on the face, the actor has therefore decided to desert Twitter. And we can understand that.

Top 11 stars who suddenly disappeared from the networks
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

7. Kanye West

Is it surprising to find Kanye here? No way. In fact, the dude has shut down his accounts several times over the past few years, including in 2018 after he got slammed for his support of Donald Trump and other weird tweets questioning the abolition of slavery. Anyway, Kanye said shit but he probably did well to take a step back from it all. Note, however, that he suffers from mental disorders that may explain some of his decisions. We’re not going to shoot the ambulance anyway.

8. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, if there is one thing that keeps her alive, it’s Instagram (and her family’s notoriety, yes, but you understood me). So if there’s one thing she shouldn’t do, it’s closing her Instagram account. Yet, as you guessed, she did. It was in 2016 and it lasted a little less than a week. In fact, Kendall was fed up with Instagram and it was starting to eat her brain too much. In the end, she did a little detox, nothing crazy.

9. Justin Bieber

In 2016, the Canadian got into a relationship with Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter, and it freaked everyone out, starting with his ex Hailey Baldwin. Bieber fans have also decided to smash Sofia Richie, and another ex, Selena Gomez, got involved by making fun of the mouth of the little couple. In short, Justin Bieber took it full face and threatened to close his social networks. Since no one heeded his warning, well he ended up doing it. And his absence will have lasted 24 weeks, or 4 times longer than the duration of his relationship with Sofia Richie.

10. Ed Sheeran

After a lot of harassment, Ed Sheeran quit Twitter for good in 2017. After that, he also took a big break from social media in 2019, but today everything is back to 40. I never found anything interesting to tell about Ed Sheeran. This guy doesn’t make enough waves.

11. Millie Bobby Brown

In 2017, an old rumor started circulating on Twitter about the young Stranger Things actress. It was said of her that she was homophobic, which she totally denied, but, too late, the damage was done. Suddenly, Millie decided to let go of Twitter for good. Yet in 2019, she came back to post a single tweet: “Hi, I missed you.” Since then, nothing.

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