Top 11 sexual assaults that have been on TV (and that have made everyone laugh…

Mhhhh, the joys of indecency, heaviness, natural male superiority… what a joy to see them pierce live on TV with their good taste. The proof that you can sexually assault someone with complete impunity without really feeling annoyed. YAY.

1. Cécile de Ménibus humiliated by Rocco Sifredi

The co-host of Cauet method had a very nice moment with the porn star who literally turned him around by simulating a part of his legs in the air, all this under the hilarious gaze of the guests, Cauet’s cries of encouragement based on “do -the enjoy Rocco! », really a great moment of television, a delight of class, a paragon of elegance.

2. Maxime Hamou attacking a Eurosport journalist

A little moment of sharing and love. The other tennis badger has fun groping the journalist by forcing her to peck three times. But I admit, I don’t know which is worse, that or the reaction of the TPMP columnists on the issue?

3. Jean-Michel Maire in freewheel mode on Soraya Riffi’s breasts

What ? But oh, just a little smackou, it’s okay, it’s not bad, you have to laugh anyway too.

4. Gene Gnocchi rolling a skate live to a reporter

And it lasts, and it lasts and we hear that it goes there frankly in terms of engulfing the mouth of the journalist who has no other solution than to laugh in surprise.

5. The generosity of Cyril Hanouna against Capucine Anav

Calm the cat, pepouze, the guy just takes the hand of the columnist to stick it on his cock. Anyway, it’s not as if the columnists of TPMP had the same civil rights as the rest of the population.

6. A Belgian journalist during the Cologne carnival

The guy seems really nice, the kind you want to go on vacation with because he’s got the hell out of him, everyone knows him.

7. Noodles in Delormeau’s briefs

Yes, yes, he is consenting. It remains to be seen what the level of consent is when you are humiliated by your boss live with a casting of noodles in the ass. But hey, it’s reassuring, he explained that it hadn’t bothered or shocked him at all, OUF.

8. A reality TV “angel” who slaps a contestant

Julien Bert, a human who has the particularity of having the same gray matter as that of a sun-dried oyster. What a champion.

9. Hanouna’s forcing plan on her columnist and Clara Morgane in “Les pieds dans le plat”

Not basically a sexual assault but a good embarrassing moment.

10. Pierre Ménès, too cute

It was released in 2021 in Marie Portolano’s brilliant documentary “I’m not a slut”. A scene cut during the editing was broadcast on TPMP (good strategy for the show because we end up remembering only this passage from the documentary) showing a teasing Pierre Ménès who is going to roll a clog by force and under the amused gaze of everyone to Francesca Antoniotti.

11. Serge Gainsbourg in clumsy mode with Whitney Houston

OK he just tells her that he wants to “fuck” her, OK he just caresses her cheek, OK Michel Drucker is a bit worried. But hey, we can’t say that this sequence is the classiest we can remember from Gainsbarre.

Yes, you will have noticed, 40% of this list is drawn directly from Cyril Hanouna, the godfather of good taste.

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