Top 11 really weird fashions from the 2000s, a funny era

Not long ago, we happily mocked our weird 90s fashions because they clearly deserved it, but the 2000s are far from being left behind on this subject. Already, we had shitty looks in the 2000s, but we also did other things that seem totally incomprehensible to us today. Were we all mad? Were we all drugged? Were we in pain? No, it was just the 2000s. Do not try to understand.


Well actually we were shouting “WAZAAA” but it came from a great Budweiser ad where guys were shouting “Wassuuuuup” on the phone in the early 2000s. picked up the trick more or less phonetically. It has to be said, we weren’t super smart at the time at the same time.

2. Phone socks

In 2000 came into our lives the most cult of all telephones in the history of telephones: the Nokia 3310. This monster lasted 1 week on a single recharge and allowed us to play Snake, but, above all, it was extremely solid . However, we still put it in a sock to “protect” it, and obviously to have style. The interest was very limited, but what do you want, we lived in another world.

3. Take pictures of our feet or our shadows

Our phones didn’t have cameras in the early 2000s, but it doesn’t matter, we walked around with the latest digital cameras that took pictures of at least 1 million pixels (and still do), and then we photographed everything that fell under our noses. Starting with our feet, and then also our shadow on the grass. The inspiration was certainly not at the top, but we had to start somewhere.

4. Post all our photos on Facebook

In the early days of Facebook, these rotten photos that we took on the fly, we weren’t afraid to upload them all to the social network. We created “Pauline’s Birthday ^^” or “New Year at Tonton’s :)” albums and poured everything in our camera into them, without doing any sorting. If someone did that today they would lose all their friends, but in the 2000s it was just too cool.

Top 11 really weird fashions from the 2000s, a funny era

5. Rotten glasses with bars in them

They were informally called “Kanye West’s Glasses” because he popularized them in the 2007 music video for Stronger. Basically, they had plastic bars instead of glasses, which gave a little Venetian blind aspect and prevented us from seeing properly. It was ugly and blocked our view, but it was classy. Nickel to nab Manon at the end of the year party.

6. Too big V-necks

These t-shirts are already in questionable taste in general, but in the 2000s, V-necks had gone into total excess. Some reached between the pecs, particularly during the tecktonik period (a very dark time…), and they offered total ventilation of the bust. Half practical, half disgusting.

Top 11 really weird fashions from the 2000s, a funny era

7. Write in white on our Eastpaks

Already, you should know that the Eastpak was the king of our school bags at the time, and that was very good, but we had an annoying tendency to want to customize it with everything that came to mind. We started by putting lots of badges in it (including Nirvana and Slipknot), then we wrote stuff on it in white paper just to screw it up until the end. Now, we think back to our poor parents who saw us ransacking the things they had bought for us, and we are a little ashamed. Sorry mom and dad.

8. Photo montages on Blingee

In the 2000s, we had Skyblogs. As this is a big topic, I refer you to the top things we all did on Skyblog, and we go directly to the most important. I’m obviously talking about Blingee, this thing that allowed us to make disgusting montages that flashed everywhere and burned our retinas. Today, anyone in their right mind looking at a Blingee montage would think that’s an insult to life itself, but in the 2000s we thought it was really stylish. It’s not a joke, no. We really had no pace.

9. Fatal Bazooka

Humorous songs, there have always been and there always will be, but the Fatal Bazooka was a real phenomenon. How many people learned “Fous ta cagoule” by heart to sing it proudly in college? How many had posters of Mickaël Youn in their room? How many are ashamed today? These are real questions.

10. Neon virus earrings

Would you imagine today wearing fluorescent colored earrings in the shape of a virus? Of course not. You would have to have lost all sense of good taste to do that. Well, it was done in the 2000s. We knew we only had one life and we weren’t afraid to take risks. Thug life basically, but with shitty tastes.

11. The low-rise jeans with the thong sticking out

One word: why?

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