Top 11 proofs that you are too well educated, politeness do you want some here

Politeness is good, it’s better to be polite than not polite enough, but be careful not to abuse it, which is precisely the purpose of this top. Here we warn you against these little signs that show that you are very nice but that you do too much which makes you annoying to a large audience. So if you do at least 5 things from this top run, hustle the grannies in the subway and throw your cigarette butts on the ground to undo all the useless good deeds of your past. You will then have a chance to enter paradise.

1. You apologize to your piece of furniture when you bump into it.

In itself it’s nothing but a little word sent by mistake, a pardon that has nothing to do with it because until proven otherwise, a piece of furniture is not a living being. Yes, but apologizing in the middle of the night to a big piece of wood while you’re alone at home proves that your parents’ educational standards were a tad high, I would even say worrying.

Top 11 proofs that you are too well educated, politeness do you want some here

2. You constantly report to your dog, like when you come home late or when you forgot to fill his water bowl

As if your dog keeps a diary of your departure and arrival times and waits whenever you are a little behind on your usual schedule with a pen in hand, ready to write down your excuse for this terrible delay .

Top 11 proofs that you are too well educated, politeness do you want some here

3. You sincerely regret not smoking when someone asks you for a cigarette.

“Sorry I don’t smoke” is perhaps the saddest sentence in the world. Apologize for not consuming a substance that can cause lung cancer. But do you realize the incongruity of this sentence? No, because you want to please everyone, even if it means being sorry for not being able to offer a product that could lead to death.

Top 11 proofs that you are too well educated, politeness do you want some here

4. You say absolutely every politeness possible and unimaginable in the elevator (and believe me it’s unbearable)

“Hello, you’re going up” “Oh no, I’m going down but I press the button for you” “Yes, thank you, have a nice day too, uh, good evening sorry”. And this mania of always letting the person out before you, this permanent overstatement of politeness. But shoot me.

5. When you’re asked to set the table, you don’t know why, you start putting the knives on the right and the forks on the left, whereas at home you don’t give a damn

Yet you would not see yourself doing otherwise, it would be a total breach of all the rules of decorum that you were taught and your grandmother would have a blackout. So who cares about the placement of cutlery? Who has already invited someone to dinner at home and ended the evening with “he’s very nice but he didn’t put the cutlery in the right place, I don’t think he’s going to see him anymore”.

6. At the end of your professional emails you put “please accept, madam, the expression of my best regards” when you do not understand one word out of two

What does it mean to agree? And what are best regards? You don’t know, but it’s out of the question to end with a vulgar “Best regards” which is for those who don’t have any race.

7. In a store, you apologize before asking for information

“Excuse me, hello, do you know where I can find PQ in family size, 36 rolls triple thickness? Incongruous request, of course, but you are only calling on the skills of personnel dedicated to this mission, which is intelligence. But oulala you have the feeling of disturbing the person it’s horrible, to ask him to do your shopping for you and limit you to eat.

8. You don’t dare pick your nose in private

As if there were permanently an evil spirit capable of seeing your slightest actions and gestures (God) and that lightning was going to fall on you the minute your hand approaches your nostril. You are simply ruled from the inside by a permanent savoir-vivre which completely prevents you from letting yourself go. You’re unhappy and you have dirty nostrils.

9. You feel like shit when a pregnant woman asks you to give up your seat on the bus when you haven’t seen her.

You observe him at first perplexed, then you feel the gaze of all the passengers staring at you as if you had stolen his bread from a child. An immense embarrassment begins to take hold of you. That’s it, it’s the drama, a torrent of excuses comes out of your mouth, a litany of justifications. “Excuse me Madam, I didn’t see you. Sorry really. Yes of course take my place please. I can also get on my knees and use you as a footstool if you wish”. Pathetic.

10. You barely dare to breathe in the doctor’s waiting room for fear of making noise.

While your neighbor with her two sick children, one of whom has been crying excessively for 20 minutes and the other is ravaging the waiting room by tearing up all the magazines, they don’t care, just like their mother who plays Candy Crush instead to monitor them and your doctor who is 45 minutes late.

11. You say thank you to the cars when you cross the pedestrian crossing when it’s green

A useless gesture of politeness to be banned definitively. It’s a bit like thanking someone for cooking you when it was you who cooked yourself. It is useless.

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