Top 11 people who wish they had no namesake

Falling on one of your namesakes can be quite funny, you realize that the other person has the same first and last name as you and everyone laughs for no reason, tapping each other vigorously on the shoulder. But that’s when it’s going well, because sometimes people have an uncool namesake that’s going through hell, and those are the people we’re going to talk about right now. On the other hand nothing to do with the stars who have a historical namesake, you are wrong of top.

1. The man who was wrongfully jailed for six months for being the namesake of a child rapist

A harrowing story where a poor man was incarcerated twice (including once for six months) just because he had the same name as a child rapist. Compensated with €60,000, the poor man confided that his life had been ruined by this miscarriage of justice. Frankly awful.

2. Nice hairdresser Eric Zemmour who is living through hell

A hairdresser from Nice called Eric Zemmour is currently having a really bad time because people have completely broken his window. Why ? Just because he has the same name as the other Eric Zemmour who is not a hairdresser at all.

3. The man arrested at the airport for being the namesake of a wanted man

A man who was traveling quietly had been arrested in Roissy on suspicion of being involved in a murder case. Except that in fact he just had the same name as the wanted person and probably freaked out his mother by getting arrested.

4. The man who has been paying his namesake’s taxes for almost 15 years

Paying your taxes is boring, but paying your taxes plus the taxes of someone with the same name as you is getting really boring. It happened to a poor man who has been paying another person’s bill for fifteen years despite several attempts to stop this injustice. Shitty world.

“I went more than five or six times to the tax department and they were never able to settle this case” A…

Posted by Le Point on Friday, August 27, 2021

5. The journalist with the quasi-homonym of actor François Berléand who was insulted by the yellow vests

When the actor François Berléand yelled at the yellow vests he was perhaps not expecting such a domino effect. Basically a poor journalist who hadn’t asked for anything but had roughly the same name got insulted on social media by people who thought he was the one who criticized the movement. Not whew as atmosphere.

6. The man called Mohamed Merah whose photo journalists used in a newspaper

Imagine that overnight your name is the same as the most wanted person in the country. Now imagine that a newspaper makes a mistake and uses YOUR photo to illustrate the article that talks about the other man. It’s the horror, you literally don’t leave your house for days.

7. The man defrauded by a namesake who is a customer of the same bank as him

Well, that’s nonsense though: a man who had the same name as a bank client managed to scam him (and scam the bank at the same time) to get nearly €7,000. Well the culprit was quickly arrested because on the one hand it is not done, but also because he was already known to the police for theft.

A recent Montluçonnais, 30 years old, managed to swindle more than 7,000 euros from a bank in Montluçon and its namesake. Did that get him to end up behind bars?

Posted by La Montagne Montluçon on Friday, January 21, 2022

8. The lady who has points on her license that jump because of another woman

It’s easy to lose points on your license: you drive in the wrong direction for 20 minutes and presto, it’s going at full speed. But when you have nothing to be ashamed of, it immediately becomes boring. A poor woman received several letters deducting points because she had the same name as another driver, which makes me wonder what is the point of having a license plate in these cases the ?

A couple based in Ingré have been fighting since 2019 to understand how the points on Madame’s driver’s license can jump well, without her committing a traffic violation.

Posted by La République du Center on Saturday, December 4, 2021

9. The man sued for “leaving dog poo” because of a namesake

We all agree that people who leave their dog shit on the sidewalk are beautiful little puffs, so imagine one day being wrongly accused of this heinous crime? It happened to a poor man wanted by the police because a guy with the same name didn’t clean up after his dog.

A man had been prosecuted for abandoning canine excrement… in place of the one who bore the same name and the same first name as him.

Posted by Le Bien Public on Monday, September 20, 2021

10. The man who lives in the same village as a burglar namesake

There is not much chance of living in a village and sharing the same name and surname as another inhabitant and yet it happened to a poor man. And to add a bit of confusion in there, it turns out that his namesake was also a burglar, because otherwise it wouldn’t be funny.

These two men are from the same town and were, within a few months, the same age. But while the first served the French army, the other served in homes and shops.

Posted by France Bleu on Thursday, June 16, 2016

11. Bonus: The man who applied in a city of the same name and was forced to work 600km from home

There it is sad, the poor man applied for a position thinking of ending up in Andilly but he had to go to Haute-Savoie 600km from his home to work for two months. Big respect for this man hyper motivated to work.

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