Top 11 people who don’t want to live, do they want to end it or what?

If most of us do our best to survive in this world, some people seem to want to leave it as soon as possible. They won’t tell you, they’ll never admit it, but their behavior speaks for them: the way they put themselves in danger on a daily basis reveals their weak attachment to life. In short, these people do stupid and dangerous things, so they may well precede us in death. Good for them. Well no, suddenly.

2. People who want to cure their cancer by fasting

Unfortunately, there are a few gurus (or “big bastards”) who manage to convince poor people that they can cure their cancer by stopping eating or drinking vegetable juice. I might as well tell you right away: it doesn’t work. Like not at all.

3. Mike Tyson who wanted to fight with a gorilla

One day, the tattooed boxer offered to a zookeeper to give him $10,000 so he could go smash a gorilla who was intimidating the other gorillas in the cage. The guardian fortunately declined his offer, already because it’s not okay to go and piss off a gorilla, and also because Mike Tyson would have been dismembered by the big ape. Maybe he really wanted to end his life actually.

4. People who like to film themselves suspended 110 meters high on top of a crane to do pull-ups

If you want my opinion I would say that it is very stupid and that they will not have my pity if they end up busted on the asphalt.

5. People who fly wingsuits

They want to think they’re flying squirrels, except the lifespan of a flying squirrel is 10 years. It’s not very smart of them.

6. Teubés who adopt dangerous animals such as hippos, bears or cats

After the animals eat their (normal) master and we find nothing better to do than kill them in retaliation when all they have done is let their wild nature express itself.

7. The singers who change a light bulb in their bath

Besides, it didn’t work well for them (but it made their beneficiaries very rich, and that’s very nice).

8. Explorers who set themselves bullshit challenges

Like Mike Horn who decides to cross Antarctica and almost stays there, all that to “surpass himself”. While it is useless to surpass yourself in fact. If we surpass ourselves, then we are no longer with ourselves, we are in front of us, or behind, I don’t know, I got lost along the way during this reflection. In short, it’s dangerous.

9. The guys who wear a PSG shirt in Marseille

I’m the first to find it stupid to fight for a simple football shirt, but personally I won’t take the risk of being hit by people who shout “PEUCHÈREUUU”.

10. People who reuse the cutting board they cut raw chicken on to cut things they won’t cook

It goes into big food poisoning. You looked for it well.

11. People who go to a geek convention and shout “KAAMELOTT IS SHIT”

No I’m kidding, Kaamelott fans are incapable of hurting anyone because they are too busy typing on their keyboard that Alexandre Astier is a genius.

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