Top 11 parts of the human body whose names we don’t know (but now we do)

Knowing your body is a good thing. So you can easily locate your head, shoulders and knees. But we are sure that certain parts of the body are unknown to you and that you name them anyhow, without respecting them. So today we’re giving you a little anatomy lesson to tell you about it at disco night or during scrabble night with your boring friends.

1. The detrusor

A super stylish and chaotic name for naming the layer of smooth muscle located in the bladder wall. When the bladder is empty, this layer is relaxed and you can drink OKLM. But when you have chained the binouzes and your bladder is full, the detrusor contracts and you have a big urge to pee. It’s up to you to choose the best place to drop everything, whether it’s in the bathroom, behind a car or on a friend.

2. Hallux

People were tired of calling it the big toe, so they decided to give it an official name. Thus was born the hallux. Besides, the other 4 toes also have the right to their little name. In order it gives depasus, centrus, pre-exterius and exterius. Now when you want to lick your boyfriend’s or your girl’s toes, you can add excitement by releasing those names.

3. The lacrimal caruncle

This is the inner corner of the eye. Avoid naming your kid that because that’s where the eye poo lives. And everyone knows that this area gets dirty very quickly so remember to use a washcloth or glass wool to clean it as much as possible.

Top 11 parts of the human body whose names we don't know (but now we do)
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.5): Since FML’s vector image was broken, Erin_Silversmith took the bitmap version and vectorised it. The labels in Portuguese were replaced with letters, for internationalization purposes.

4. Philtrum

It is the dimple located in the middle of the upper lip of humans. If the hollow is particularly well drawn, you can put bread crumbs, a plastic cup, and even the folder where you have stored all your payslips.

5. The moon

The lunula is the circular light spot located at the base of your nail. And we know that reading this you’re looking at your fingernail to look at her. The advantage of the moon is that it is useless, you cannot sell it on the black market and even less win local elections thanks to them.

6. The popliteal fossa

This is the official name of the hock. But you loser that you are, you call it the inside knee crease. This is typically the place where you don’t poke your finger in order to give yourself pleasure. If you are a footballer, we advise you to tackle the opponent at this level, it will bring the good atmosphere during a match.

7. The free edge

It’s the official name for the white part at the end of the nail that you gnaw on all the time when you’re stressed or bored in the doctor’s waiting room. If your free edges are long enough, you can use them to climb trees or walls to escape the police. I also invite you to discover the different types of nails in illustrations in order to learn more about yourself.

8. The perineum

In men, the perineum is the area between the yuks and the anus. In women it is between the teuch and the anus. You should know two things about the perineum. First of all, it is an erogenous zone. Then, it is advisable to strengthen it by taking out an annual subscription to the gym. Guaranteed result. And no, it has nothing to do with the first name Périnne.

9. The cubital fossa

This is the elbow bend. And according to a study by Hill Valley University, this crease is the second a woman looks at in a man after his smile. If you’re a guy and you’re looking to have sex with a lady, make that cubital pit shine.

10. The intergluteal sulcus

Otherwise called the SIF. It is the hollow that separates the two buttocks. In a civilized society, it is essential to have an impeccable SIF in order to find a soul mate and to have a successful integration among peers.

11. Diastema

The diastema is the distance between two teeth. It is often noticed when it is located between the two front incisors, thus giving the sweet nickname of “teeth of happiness”, as with Vanessa Paradis, our goddess at all.

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