Top 11 of the worst marketing fails, the bad idea that we should not have had

The biggest brands have not always been successful. Oh no. The strategy of fail is even often considered as a driving force in large companies, American in particular. Still, some brands that we all know today have sometimes taken the wrong path by wanting to create a product that is too rotten or too contradictory with their image. Little return on these fails of death.

1. When Bic creates a perfume in his image

After having democratized the sector of pens, lighters and disposable razors, the brand wanted to conquer the world of perfume in 1987 by offering a line of bottles at less than 3 € each. But hey, the problem is that a Bic perfume, it’s a little perfume that smells of beer, it was enough for sales to collapse. The bottle doesn’t matter, as long as we’re drunk, you’re talking yeah!

2. Michelin and its Pax System tire that can run for another 2 hours after a puncture

In itself, this is rather good news. Unless no garage is able to change these tires for you. In this case, it represented too high a cost for the mechanics who snubbed this revolutionary idea.

Top 11 of the worst marketing fails, the bad idea that we should not have had
Picture credits: Michelin

3. Kodak refused to market the very first digital camera

Then-CEO Walter Fallon frankly found it implausible that people would ever want to look at their photographs on a television screen. We can say that this one, he didn’t have a hollow nose (maybe because he had put on too much Bic perfume).

4. When Coca-Cola arrives in China and converts its name to the local language

The problem is that the local transcription “kekoukela” meant “wax-stuffed mare”. At the same time, who wouldn’t want to drink a drink with such a name?

5. When Chevrolet gets the name wrong for one of its cars

Another translation concern, and this time it’s Italy that will make a fuss of it. Chevrolet names one of its cars “Nova” which means “doesn’t run”. Inevitably, it slams less.

6. Lisa, the first computer designed by Steve Jobs in 1983, far, far too expensive

Almost $10,000 is a budget. He therefore reconsidered the same tool in less good and therefore less expensive. It gave the Macintosh. The question is whether we would ever have needed to type on Lisa to make her work as we tend to do with any current computer.

7. The line of Puma sneakers with the country’s flag on the shoe, OUCH

In Muslim countries (and especially the Arab Emirates) the foot is considered unclean. So sticking the flag on shoes is like spitting or even vomiting on your nation. Good atmosphere, Puma.

8. The crappy Mamie Nova yoghurt ad that encourages euthanasia

This advertisement from 1980 depicts a little boy with a mischievous smile (or creepy, it depends) saying “My favorite granny, she’s in the fridge”, nice for oldies. Suddenly, 40% drop in sales. Do not push granny in the nettles either.

9. The Google Glass, mass surveillance instrument

This is clearly the perfect example of the product that did not work, but then not at all and even that some owners of this somewhat intrusive object were attacked because of what they wore on the pif.

10. The R14 or how to drive pear

Renault having thought that the R14 had the pretty shape of a pear, it focused its advertising on it. Except that very quickly everyone was pissed off, since clearly here, “the pear, it’s us”. Alright, guys, the fruit and veg-focused comm.

11. Bonus: Audi A3 E-Tron

It’s all very futuristic, but rolling in a turd we’re not sure it’s necessarily a seller, at least in France. Yes ?

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