Top 11 of the most beautiful places where several waters meet

Nature is amazing. Like when she organizes the meeting of several rivers and at the same time offers us a high-class show, which has something resolutely magical about it. Even if of course, everything is explained…

1. The Confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers (India)

Two Himalayan rivers that meet at Devprayag, in the north of the country. Two shades of blue blending together for a unique show.

2. The Confluence of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes (Brazil)

The Rio Negro is aptly named as it is the largest dark water river in the world. The Rio Solimoes, the part of the Amazon located between the border with Brazil, Colombia and Peru and the city of Manaus for its part, is of a sandier color and remains shallower than the Rio Negro. Anyway, when their waters meet, without mixing, the show is also very amazing!

3. The Gulf of Alaska (USA)

The video supposed to show the meeting of two oceans is at the origin of a global hoax. Because no, these images do not show the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean mixing (or not for that matter). It is in fact a video captured in the Gulf of Alaska, which therefore shows a specific phenomenon due to the arrival in the ocean of water loaded with sediments (clay and iron in particular). The boundary between the two waters is therefore mobile and will disappear and reappear depending on the level of sediment present in the water.

4. The Fraser River at Duke Point, Vancouver (Canada)

This video also went around the world. And for good reason, because it would also show the meeting of two oceans when it is in fact the same phenomenon as in the Gulf of Alaska, with this story of water loaded with sediment. The clear boundary between the two waters is therefore due to the meeting of the Fraser River and the ocean.

5. The Confluence of the Rhône and the Arve (Switzerland)

Not far from Geneva, the Rhône and the Arve meet. One being blue and the other rather brown. It’s beautiful water.

6. The Confluence of the Ilz, Danube and Inn in Passau (Germany)

Here, not far from the Altstadt hotel, it is not two rivers that meet, but three. A river and two rivers for three different shades of blue.

7. The Confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine in Koblenz (Germany)

Head to the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz to see the Moselle join the Rhine. The opportunity to also admire the statue of Emperor William I on his faithful steed.

8. The Confluence of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River in Chongqing (China)

A very spectacular site where the Jialing River, with its clear water loaded with fish, meets the unfortunately more polluted and therefore darker waters of the Yangtze River.

9. The confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers in Cairo (USA)

10th longest river in the world, the Mississippi meets the Ohio River at Cairo. A river much more loaded with sediment and therefore darker.

10. The Confluence of the Green River and the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park (USA)

We end with the marriage of the Colorado, this mythical river that crosses seven states, and the Green River, within the magnificent setting of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The site of the Green River Overlook, a sort of alternative version of the Grand Canyon, with a landscape sculpted by the Green River, or the Mesa Arch.

11. The confluence of the Sanskar River and the Indus River in India

It’s simple, it looks like we’ve dropped two pots of blue paint

Top 11 of the most beautiful places where several waters meet

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