Top 11 of the fates of the actors of H2O, the best series of our childhood

The children of the 2000s were extremely lucky in life: in addition to experiencing tecktonik, they also experienced the films Barbie, Grand Galop, but above all H2O, the best series in the fish department. A series that marked us so much that we were screaming at our darons that we could no longer touch water otherwise we would transform. It was the good old days. But since we grew up (no, no, I no longer play mermaids when I swim…) and the actors too. This is what became of the sirens of Mako and company. Watch out for the old look.

1. Phoebe Tonkin (Cleo)

After her very first role in H2O, Phoebe Tonkin continued her film career (and she did well). She has played in series like The Vampire Daries and The Originals, where she played Hayley Marshall, a werewolf, and in Westworld where she played Penny. She has also appeared in several films since the end of H2O such as Damien Chazelle’s Babylon. Besides that, she is now a model and Channel muse (and has 8.3 million subscribers on Insta, the chick has cé-per).

2. Claire Holt (Emma)

The interpreter of Emma has also continued in the cinema. For example, she starred in the horror film 47 Meters Down. But it is especially in the series that she broke through, since she played the big role of Rebekah Mikaelson in Vampire Diaries and The Originals (yes, yes, like her friend Phoebe Tonkin) but also the role of Samara Cook in Pretty Little Liars. Today, she is the mother of two much too cute children, who answer to the sweet names of James and Elle Madeline.

3. Cariba Heine (Rikky)

If Cariba Heine continued a little in the cinema (we could notably see her in the role of Peyton Lane in Designated Survivor), she also devoted herself to dance, her other great passion. At the same time, she launched her flexibility and stretching courses online. If you have small flexibility problems, you know where to turn.

4. Indiana Evans (Bella)

I’m not going to lie to you, we don’t have too much news from Bella’s interpreter. I know I’m breaking your heart, but it must be said that she has disappeared from the radar since 2015. After H2O, Indiana Evans had a few contracts for films and series (like the role of Melissa in Ash vs Evil Dead or that of Natalie Crawford in Secrets and Lies). But since then, she has completely withdrawn from public life and cut off all her social networks. And I don’t have her 06 to ask her what’s become of her, to my great regret.

5. Angus McLaren (Lewis)

The interpreter of Lewis (who was not our favorite at the time because he was still a bit boring) also continued his career in cinema. For example, he played Dr Toke in the Australian series Doctor Doctor, or Eddie in the film Attack in Mumbai. Besides that, Angus McLaren also devotes himself to music and not to Formula 1 as one might think because of his team name.

6. Burgess Abernethy (Zane)

Another one who decided to make his small voice in the cinema after H2O (but more discreetly). The Zane actor (whom we hated at first but who we grew to love) appeared here and there in a few episodes of series and even played the role of Prince William in the TV show Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance (yes, it’s not gross). But he also turned to writing, directing and producing since he directed two short films (Quittus and Mirors) in 2012 and 2013, and is currently working on other projects in the same style. . But discreetly.

7. Luke Mitchell (Will)

The beau of the series (ok, he was clearly our first crush) obviously continued in the cinema (which is shocked). He was particularly visible in the Marvel series: Agents of SHIELD, where he played Lincoln Campbell, and in the Legacies series where he played the God Ken (make your ass jokes in your head). Good on the other hand, sorry for the disappointment, but Luke Mitchell got married in 2013 to actress Rebecca Breeds, so you’ll have to come back later to try your luck.

8. Jamie Timony (Nate)

But yep, remember, Zane’s best pal an asshole hitting on Cleo heavier than 12 stacked Fiat Multiplas. Well can you imagine that his interpreter himself launched into the song (finally one that changes, not too soon). His first EP “N2KY” was also released in March 2022. Well, Jamie Timony also played in a few things and in particular in the Netflix series Clickbait.

9. Cleo Massey (Kim)

I don’t think I’m going too far in saying that the interpreter of Cléo’s little sister is the one who has changed the most. If she played a little in other productions after H2O, she especially opened her Pass Around The Smile website, dedicated to well-being and health, via which she sells small crystals or tarot cards and organizes events. . If you ever want rose quartz to seduce your crush, go for it.

10. Brittany Byrnes (Charlotte)

Charlotte la peste is actually Brittany Byrnes la petite crème in real life. The actress, after playing in a few small productions until 2014, is now a coach at an Australian cheerleading club called Bradshaw Dance. It is in this area that Brittany Byrnes herself has won numerous competitions. It makes you want to do lots of pirouettes.

11. Craig Horner (Ash)

I hope you hadn’t forgotten the handsome manager of the Cyber ​​Café where Emma, ​​our second big crush, worked. He also continued to evolve in the film industry. In 2016, for example, he played the Count of Monte Cristo in the series Once Upon A Time and in the recent Netflix film Un Accord Parfait avec Victoria Justice.

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