Top 11 mythos we heard during the presidential debate

Hello voters! How is it, in the casa at D-2 of the outcome of these presidential elections? You too, as good citizens, did you have a 2h50 debate between Manu and Marine on Wednesday, and you didn’t remember anything, apart from this magnificent tweet printed on an A4 sheet? Well, you may not have been careful, but this debate was punctuated by lots of good little (and even big) mythooos.

1. “I saw that even detainees in prisons (= inflation checks) had received them to offset their fuel costs” – Le Pen

According to the far-right candidate, the detainees also received the inflation check of 100 euros, paid by the government to fight against the explosion of prices at the pump, and this, to “compensate for their fuel “. An accusation to be nuanced: some prisoners have received the aid well, but only those who are in vocational training. In addition, this check was intended “to support the purchasing power of the French in the face of price increases, not just the rise in fuel prices”, explains the government. Finally, the tax site specifies that the aid concerns people “whose income from work (such as salaries) or replacements (allowances, retirement pensions, etc.) are less than 2,000 euros net per month” . Basically, Le Pen says true when she mentions the payment to certain detainees, but false, when she explains ironically that it is to “compensate for their fuel expenditure”.

2. “You have lost 14,500 industrial jobs under the five-year term” – Le Pen

This time, it was Liberation that poked its nose into the INSEE figures to fact-check this accusation. And guess what? It’s a liiiie. At the end of 2021, there were 3.13 million employees in French industries: these are 3,900 fewer jobs in this sector (excluding temporary workers) since 2017. While industrial employment has fallen sharply, Marine Le Pen has overestimated by almost more 3.5 times this drop.

3. “You want to replace French sovereignty with European sovereignty (…) you did it symbolically by replacing the French flag under the Arc de Triomphe with that of Europe” – Le Pen

The French flag is present under the Arc de Triomphe only during “ceremonies or special occasions”. The European flag has therefore not “replaced” the tricolor flag.

4. “The purchasing power of the French has increased” – Macron

It’s not totally true, but it’s not totally false. Purchasing power has indeed increased by 0.9% per year and per French person (i.e. around 300 euros) between the start and the end of Macron’s mandate. On the other hand, this increase has benefited the wealthy French more than the middle class. The richest 1% of households benefited from this 2.8% increase in purchasing power, while the poorest 5% lost 0.5% of their standard of living.

5. “You’ve never brought down unemployment” – Le Pen

An accusation countered by INSEE figures: between 2017 and 2022, the unemployment rate in France fell from 9.6% to 7.4%. This rate is thus the lowest reached for fifteen years. On the other hand, if we look in detail, this fluctuation is largely linked to the creation of precarious jobs, short contracts and part-time jobs.

6. “We monitored 99 places of worship suspected of separatism” – Macron

So it’s not a big myth, but it’s missing a part of the truth. In total, of these suspected places of worship: 36 remained open, 22 were closed and 31 are under further investigation. On the other hand, and by the very admission of the majority, certain closures are not linked to this question, but to non-compliance with administrative standards.

7. “I think you want to put wind turbines on all the coasts, except in front of Le Touquet. All have been recorded, except the one in front of Le Touquet.” – The pen

Marine Le Pen accused the president still in office of wanting to install wind turbines at sea, everywhere in France, except in Le Touquet, that is to say, in the town where the presidential couple owns a small vacation home. According to her, 50 projects in this direction have already been launched… And that’s not true! If the wind turbine project off Le Touquet was indeed initiated under Hollande and suspended in August 2017, it was a public consultation that buried the ambition on May 3, 2017, i.e. 11 days before Macron was elected. Also false: the number of advanced projects. Marine mentions 50 while the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition lists… 7! It’s still slightly different, though.

During the in-between round debate on Wednesday evening, Marine Le Pen implied that Emmanuel Macron had intervened to prevent the installation of a wind farm off Le Touquet in Pas-de-Calais.

Posted by La Dépêche du Midi on Thursday, April 21, 2022

8. “I have created 10,000 police and gendarmes who are now in the field.” -Macron

First, Liberation indicates that the figure put forward by the current president is based on a period of six years, therefore, a year outside his five-year term… Year during which the dedicated budget was voted. Then, the indicator used is the FTE (full-time equivalent): it does not take into account the work done over the year by the police. If we count the workforce in full-time equivalent worked, the number of new positions is only… 5,500. Almost half less, therefore. Finally, this increase has not always rhymed with presence on the ground. According to a report by the Court of Auditors, it is rather the opposite.

9. “I say 80% of the numbers behind these increases are domestic violence.” -Macron

According to the words of the president, this would mean that 8 out of 10 acts of violence against people are domestic violence. And no. In 2021, the authorities recorded 306,700 cases of intentional assault and battery on people aged 15 or over. Among them: 157,500 of domestic violence. So it’s a little over half, but well under 80%. On the other hand, this percentage is still found in context: 82% is in fact the increase in the number of declared victims of sexual violence between 2017 and 2021.

10. “We have doubled the rate of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions over this five-year period” – Macron

Macron therefore announces + 100% reduction in GHG emissions over his five-year term: this is overvalued. Over the previous term, emissions fell by around 5%. Between 2017 and 2021, by 6.9%. A greater drop, therefore, but far from double. It should also be noted that this figure includes the 2020 confinement period and the resulting drop in activity.

In four years, the drop in greenhouse gas emissions is greater than during the 2013-2017 period, in particular due to the containment measures of 2020.

Posted by CheckNews on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

11. “The reform you are proposing is a reform that consists of paying teachers according to the results of their students.” – The pen

The RN candidate accuses Macron of wanting, according to his education reform, to pay teachers according to student results. Spoiler: that’s not what the reform says. If the president has, in fact, hinted that he could condition salary increases on the acceptance of “additional missions”, he has since changed his mind. From now on, the proposal is an “unconditional” revaluation of 10% for all teachers, and up to 20% for those who adopt “innovative methods”.

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