Top 11 movies that end badly, happy endings are corny

Do you like happy endings? Well, these directors don’t. A happy ending is good but it’s too Christmas TV movie. Here we prefer a very tragic end because misfortune is more interesting than happiness (and it sells more). Spoiler alert.

1. Into the Wild

It is the story of Christopher McCandless who had a bright future ahead of him but who decides to throw everything away because the prospect of a quiet, tidy little life does not interest him. As a result, he decides to leave alone in his van on the road to Alaska. So he meets people and he is even rather appreciated by everyone, but he ends up dying alone in his van devoured by beavers and rats (no, that’s not true). Morality: “Happiness only real when shared”.

2. American History X

Derek and Daniel are two young brothers, the oldest of whom, Derek, joins the neo-Nazi skinhead movement following the death of his firefighter father, killed by a black drug dealer while trying to put out a fire in a Los Angeles ghetto. Angeles. He ends up going to jail, and his younger brother joins the neo-Nazi movement while he’s incarcerated, but when he gets out of jail Derek dissuades him from continuing down that path and everything returns to the norm. We could have stopped there because we understood the message of the film well: hatred solves nothing and the neo-Nazi movement is terrified. But no, Daniel is shot at school by a young black man who recognized him and he dies in the arms of his brother Derek, helpless.


For his last investigation, Inspector William Somerset is working with Inspector David Mills, his future replacement. Very quickly the murders are linked and seem to be inspired by the 7 deadly sins. At the end of the 5 crimes representing gluttony, avarice, laziness, lust and pride, the police get their hands on the serial-killer John Doe. During the final scene, David Mills receives a package with his wife’s head inside. Mad with rage, he rushes on John Doe and kills him, achieving the serial-killer’s objective in spite of himself. Because by killing John Doe, Mills illustrates the murder of anger, envy being represented by John Doe who himself was jealous of the orderly life of the two inspectors. It’s horrible but frankly it’s too well seen.

4. Moulin Rouge

Whether you love or hate his wacky songs, his colorful characters and their incredible costumes, we cry at the end. Because Satine and Christian, who love each other with a love that is too heart-hearted, find themselves separated by death because Satine dies of tuberculosis. Illness sucks.

5. The Green line

One of the most beautiful films in the history of humanity and also one of the saddest. It’s simple we cry all along. The climax being not the tragic death of John Coffey at the end of the film, wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit (which is still super moving), but the premeditated murder of the mouse of Delacroix by the sadistic prison guard Percy where you literally lose faith in Man. A film not to see if you are steeped in optimism.


Well I’m not giving you a summary, you know the story by heart: the boat sank because it hit an iceberg. It’s ok anyway we can’t redo the story (well we could have told an alternative version like Tarantino does in Inglourious Basterds about the death of Hitler and Goebbels but let’s move on). James Cameron has decided to stay true to the initial story (hello originality) and in addition he makes Jack die, WHEN THERE WAS PLACE FOR TWO ON THIS BOARD EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!

7. Mommy

Another film by a tortured director who wants to tell us that life is hard. So we foolishly attach ourselves to the character of Steve, an impulsive and violent ADHD teenager. We follow with astonishment, benevolence, sometimes shivers his tumultuous relationship with his mother and the relationship they forge with their neighbor Kyla. Steve seems to be doing better and we thought the film would end with a calmer Steve. Well no Steve returns to the hospital where he is interned for his psychiatric disorders and during the last scene we see him running in the hallway towards a large window, which suggests that he intends to break it and commit suicide. One thing is sure this scene breaks our hearts.

8. The Wave

A foreign film that is worth seeing! It takes place in Germany in our time. As part of a workshop, a high school teacher offers his students an experience aimed at explaining to them the functioning of a totalitarian regime. Then begins a life-size role-playing game, the students wear uniforms, have a distinctive sign of salute and become hostile towards people not from the group. When the experience ends because the teacher realizes that it is going too far, an unstable teenager sees it very badly because he had become very attached to this group which gave him a feeling of belonging. As a result, he commits suicide in the gymnasium in front of everyone. It’s 10 years of psychoanalysis for each student and parents who will never recover.

9. The Hunt

The film tackles a hard subject, pedophilia, or rather the suspicion towards a teacher, Lucas, wrongly accused of being so. We follow the descent into hell of this teacher who faces this rumor destroying his life. He still manages to be exonerated and even if we imagine that the prejudices about him will have a hard tooth we are happy to see that he is doing well. A year later, Lucas is invited to a hunting party. It smiles, it drinks, it sings, everything is going well. But someone shoots Lucas. Like what the truth does not make a person less guilty in the eyes of the one who thinks who is. #sadness

10. Planet of the Apes (1968 version please)

It all starts in 3978 when the Icarus spacecraft crashes on a mysterious planet. On board four crew members who crossed space at a speed close to the speed of light, they left Earth in 1972. The 3 survivors discover horrified that it is the monkeys who govern and govern the life of Men present on this planet. Different adventures follow, some characters die, others try to prove that they do not come from here. Astronaut Taylor manages to escape from Doctor Zaius, an orangutan who runs the ape research institute. Later, while walking on a beach, Taylor discovers the remains of the Statue of Liberty, which makes him realize that the planet where he was stranded is none other than his own, Earth, 2006 later. We can consider that it is a rather hard end because even if Taylor gets out of it, we realize that humanity has done shit well and we look at our worried cat, wondering if his species is not well us to put it upside down one day (it’s already the case).

11. Peter Pan

They want us to pass it off as a very cute Disney except that children don’t stay forever in imaginary country with Peter Pan. They return home and will lead a very sad life, without pixie dust. Tiresome.

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