Top 11 movie twists that don’t hold water

It can happen that when watching an enigmatic film, you start saying quite quickly “you know Bernard, I have a feeling that the twist in this film is not going to make any sense”. Obviously, you have to be accompanied by someone called Bernard to say this sentence, but it’s not particularly the most important part of what I just wrote, you’ll understand we’re going to talk about twists films that really didn’t make any sense and were just there to look good.

1. The village

At the end of the film we understand that the inhabitants of the village who are threatened by violent critters if they venture too far are actually living in our time and that the famous monsters are the village elders who want to keep the young people at home. home. Except that we are also told that the government has been paid so that no plane flies over the area and that no one sets foot on the territory. But where does this fucking dough come from when the inhabitants generally have no wealth? Why would the government accept such a request from people who clearly represent a cult? No explanation.

2. The number 23

A man finds a book written by a guy named Topsy Kretts (“top secret” woah too well found) in which he discovers that the number 23 is EVERYWHERE IN OUR WORLD GENRE IT’S GOD. He starts to get a bit obsessed with numbers and in the end we realize that he was actually the one who wrote the book but forgot about it. If you ever find yourself lazy one day while working, read this point again to reassure yourself. It doesn’t last a damn second.

3. Devil’s Advocate

During most of the film the scenario is rather well managed and leaves many doubts: is Pacino the devil? Is Keanu Reeves his son? And then comes the end… An end where the character has a moral choice to make: ally or refuse the devil’s offer. By refusing it and making the right moral choice, the character is then brought back to the beginning of the story and we are made to understand that it was all a dream after all. Except that on the one hand it sucks but on top of that it doesn’t last a second since we are shown the devil resolutely motivated to work with his son by doing a whole bunch of super complicated actions throughout the film to finally see him accept the latter’s “no” without batting an eyelid.

4. Signs

The film signs has several levels of reading and can really be seen as an interesting work where in the end the Aliens are not the bad guys, rather come in peace and get crushed by the humans who directly distrust them. OK. Except that the famous Aliens have water as their weakness. So in the name of what damn logic, they decide to show up on a planet three quarters covered with fleet? If they are an intelligent race, they must have studied the planet they were heading to, so why this choice? Explain to me if there is a reason I missed.

5. Planet of the Apes (2001)

If the first film had as a twist the discovery of the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand and let it be understood that everything happened on Earth, Tim Burton had decided to make a similar end by changing a few things. Except it didn’t mean anything. Returning to Earth the hero discovered that the Lincoln Memorial had a statue of General Thade that he had just beaten, except that nothing justifies or explains this end. How did a monkey that the hero had clearly just beaten manage to go back in time before him and change all of history?

6. Associates

In this film, Nicolas Cage is a hustler whose life changes overnight when he meets his 18-year-old daughter, whom he was not even aware of. The whole movie shows us how this motherfucker questions himself and becomes a better man by getting closer to his daughter except at the end we realize that in fact NO, STOP EVERYTHING, it was not really his daughter but a ” actress” sent by her partner to get the secret code for her safe. The scammer. But at no time does Nicolas Cage think that he could contact his ex-wife and ask her questions about his daughter? Or at least try to understand why she never told him about it? Obviously not. You want a good movie about hustlers, watch instead The nine queens.

7. The Life of David Gale

The film shows us a reporter (Kate Winslet) who investigates a murder case where the culprit (Kevin Spacey) is going to be executed. Except that the famous culprit is innocent but has arranged for all the evidence to designate him as guilty in order to be executed and to show that the death penalty is bullshit since innocent people can be killed (which is true in itself ). Except that in fact there is a little thing that gets stuck: it is precisely the fact that Spacey has arranged for everything to designate him as guilty. The cops did their investigation, saw that everything was accusing him and arrested him, which means they did their job well, the miscarriage of justice comes from Spacey tampering with evidence and not the cops.

8. The Escapees

It hurts my ass a little to say bad things about this film, but if you look closely at the whole story, you understand that the hero Andy took twenty years to dig his tunnel with a teaspoon to be able to escape. Already, it may seem quite unlikely that all the walls of the prison are made of earth and that he has never encountered stones during the construction of his tunnel, but above all it means that in twenty years not a single guard has sensed that he was disappearing from his cell every night and no one thought to take down his poster during the searches? It’s a little big.

9. Saw

Two men trapped in a room with a corpse who must follow the directions of a super enigmatic killer to get out. OK. But in the end we realize that the killer was actually the corpse from the beginning who was not really dead but had taken a drug to slow down his heart. Except that in fact no, stop the bullshit, we know after the fact that the killer is sick, he has respiratory problems and therefore there is no way that he is present for an hour and a half in a room without that the other two realize that he is breathing super hard due to his illness.

10. High Voltage

French slasher in which a young woman tries to survive a psychopathic killer so that we IN FACT realize that she was the killer all along!! Oh dear, we really needed to put a twist here so we didn’t even consider whether it was believable or not (which it isn’t). Without kidding, it was shocking because it was so unbelievable since throughout the film we clearly see the killer at times when the heroine is present and she physically cannot be in two places at the same time.

11. Bonus: The Empire Strikes Back

One of the most famous scenes in cinema doesn’t quite hold water, and for a very silly reason: George Lucas hadn’t planned for Darth Vader to be Luke’s father at all when he wrote Star Wars. The first episode lets us believe more in a potential love story between Leia and Luke, while the second makes us understand that they are brothers and sisters, which was not expected. But above all, how could a character with such a powerful connection to the Force as Vader not feel that his two kids were still alive somewhere? How was he not able to find at least Luke when he kept the same last name and was raised by his uncle? Again because Lucas hadn’t originally planned that.

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