Top 11 mistakes not to make with your perfume

The perfume stinks badly. So the first mistake we make with this thing is to put it on. That being said, there are still a lot of people who put on perfume and that we must therefore put back on the right track.

1. Rub the perfume after application

But if, do not lie I know very well that you do that. You spray a little perfume on your wrists and then afterwards you rub your wrists against each other LIKE BIG FOOLIES (sorry I got carried away). Well that’s a big mistake, by doing that you’re heating up your skin which will then change the smell.

All that’s nice, but don’t play dumb because you also make mistakes with your fridge.

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2. Never oh never put on too much perfume

It’s a basic rule. One pshit is enough. Two pshit it stinks. Three pshit that intoxicates. Why ? Because we have a very good olfactory memory. We are therefore quite capable of being satisfied with a simple light smell without being sickened to the point of nausea.

It’s all fun, but don’t mess around because you also make mistakes with your hair dryer.

3. Recover from perfume when you no longer smell it

I promise you, if you don’t smell it anymore, people still smell it and you expose yourself to the tragedy of over-perfumery, a tragedy that concerns what it is fashionable to call: losers.

That’s all sweet, but stay steady because you also make mistakes with your power strips.

4. Be careful not to mix too many different smells

Not that you put on 18 different perfumes (although, with you you never know) but between the smell of laundry on your clothes, the smell of deodorant under your armpits, the smell of your shampoo on your hair and the smell of shower gel on your skin, you can quickly overdose. To avoid a nasal shock, it is advisable to use products with a certain editorial consistency (like not a mint shower gel, and an orange blossom perfume, otherwise I’ll throw you on it).

It all seems obvious, but calm down because you also make mistakes with your kettle.

Top 11 mistakes not to make with your perfume

5. Never test 15 flavors at once

It’s already not easy to test a perfume in a Sephora store without curling the stroke, if in addition you stick lots of fragrances in it, you go straight into the wall (I’m not telling you the mess in the store). So don’t worry, try no more than one perfume per day.

This is all informative, but don’t overdo it because you also make mistakes with your toilet.

6. Proudly display your perfume bottle on a shelf

It’s very tempting because the object is often pretty. However, it is a serious mistake that can lead you to life imprisonment. Uh no wait, I just confused it with eating her baby. No then, after verification, you risk nothing legally but you will just alter your perfume over time. Ideally it should be kept hidden in a closet. Or in a cellar. Or in a bunker 60 meters deep.

7. Keep the same perfume all your life

LOL. Who do this ? Can you imagine if we had the same perfume “Eau Jeune”? When we are no longer young at all and we drink water just to cure our hangover. My perfume would rather be “Pinard Défraichi”. And you?

That’s all very nice, but don’t laugh too much because you also make mistakes with your toaster.

1667510987 710 Top 11 mistakes not to make with your perfume

8. Confuse deodorant and perfume

No. Deodorant is for stinky armpits*. Which stink so much that only a very strong deodorant will be able to cover this musky smell. The perfume has nothing to do under your armpits in the same way that the deodorant has nothing to do with the rest of your body.

That’s all well and good, but be careful because you also make mistakes with your pans.

*In truth, deodorant is useless, I swear I’ve never smelled so little in the underarm area since I stopped using deodorant in its tracks.

9. Shake it before spraying

It’s just useless. You’ll look stupid in front of your stupid reflection.

10. Give perfume at Christmas (or any celebration where you feel like you have to give stuff when you don’t know what to give)

A perfume needs to be tested, tamed, tamed (I’m exaggerating a bit, it’s not a varan either). Offering a perfume is hyyyyyyper intrusive. The victim feels obliged to say “hihi thank you” while in her head she thinks “sa pu enkulé jvai niké tes mor”. Even if it is a luxury item, very pretty and useless and therefore fulfills all the criteria of a Christmas present, it is better to buy a perfume yourself.

It’s all in the spirit of Christmas, but don’t get mad because you’re also making mistakes with your trash can.

11. Drink it

Contrary to popular belief, perfume is not a drinkable liquid. Prefer toothpaste for good oral hygiene.

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