Top 11 mistakes not to make when doing Ramadan

Maybe right now you are doing Ramadan. If so, wait two minutes while we explain for the others: Ramadan is the holy month of Islam, and during this period Muslims practice fasting during the day while respecting some important rules. It’s sometimes a little hard on the body and you have to be a little careful if you don’t want to break your Ramadan involuntarily (invalidate Ramadan, basically). In short, even if it’s a good time, it’s not always easy, so here are some mistakes to avoid so that Ramadan goes well.

1. Drink before eating

Obviously, you can drink a little to quench your thirst, and besides, the small glass of milk when breaking the fast is a great pleasure, but drinking too much is not enough. It’ll fill you up and you won’t be hungry enough to eat. It’s better to start with the food, and then you can drink in peace.

2. Only drink soda

It’s good to drink a very small glass, it allows you to burp to make room in your stomach and feel less bloated, but soda doesn’t quench your thirst. And you yourself know that you need to really hydrate yourself before resuming the fast for a new day. If you’re just drinking soda, you’re going to have a hard time holding on.

3. Not drinking enough water at night

We are not used to drinking liters of water in the evening, but during Ramadan it is important to stay well hydrated, even if it means waking up in the night to have a drink. Don’t hesitate to set an alarm clock to remind you to hydrate yourself if you ever don’t think about it enough; it costs nothing and you will thank yourself during the following day.

4. Eating too much sugar or bad fats

We know that when you break the fast, you only want to eat a phenomenal amount of sugar and fat. It’s normal, it’s the body that is not used to this rhythm of life and that freaks out not having to eat anymore. But the solution is not to let go on the gazelle horns without thinking because even if it will satisfy you on the spot, you will be even hungrier the day after. It is better to eat without stuffing yourself, and, in the morning at Suhoor, swallow slow sugars, good fats and proteins that will stall you longer. Hey, there’s a very cool thread that gives lots of good nutrition advice for Ramadan, it’ll make your life easier.

5. Break the fast starting with a cigarette

Doing Ramadan when you’re a smoker is hot, and the first thing you want to do at sunset is to smoke a cigarette. Big mistake. Good, ok, small error, but error all the same. This cigarette on an empty stomach may make you a little stoned and not whet your appetite too much. It is better to start by eating a date or two just to make you feel good. Afterwards, yes, you can toast your cigarette. You’re not close to 5 minutes anyway.

6. Not resting during the day

Some will have no trouble going through the day without taking a rest, but this is not the case for everyone. If you feel tired or a little weak, don’t hesitate to take a quiet nap to save yourself. Plus it’s cool to sleep. Why don’t we actually sleep all the time?

7. Do your sports sessions as usual

You can very well continue to exercise during Ramadan, but also remember that you are not at the peak of your abilities. With an empty stomach, it is better to go a little more slowly than the rest of the year. This will prevent you from feeling dizzy or even hurting yourself.

8. Having sex during the day

We often talk about the food fast, but the Ramadan fast involves other prohibitions, and sex is one of them. So, try to clear your head and have a little more spiritual thoughts during the day. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to think about it later!

9. Getting angry (and insulting)

Getting angry is never very cool, but during Ramadan it’s even less so, because it’s a time when you’re kind of supposed to be the best version of yourself. If you fast, but besides you are execrable with everyone, it’s a bit useless and it’s like breaking your Ramadan. So if you tend to be a little on edge (especially when you’re on the rocks), find techniques to stay positive and caring with others. Meditation works fine. There is also another fairly effective trick: when you feel that you are upset, do not say what is going through your mind right away. Let a few minutes pass before answering. Generally, it helps to take a step back (even when your friends ask you reluctant questions about Ramadan).

10. Putting yourself in danger

You’re going to tell us that avoiding putting yourself in danger is advice that applies to everyday life, and you’ll be right, but what we mean is that during Ramadan, you must avoid doing activities that could hurt you. Bleeding is one of the things that invalidates the fast, so somewhat extreme sports such as skateboarding or juggling with crushed glass (what, nobody does that?), it’s really not recommended during Ramadan.

11. Gambling

Games of chance are already prohibited in Islam, but we must admit that normally not everyone respects the prohibition to the letter. On the other hand during Ramadan, if you want your fast to be valid, there you must not mess around: it’s zero gambling. In addition, it will save you from losing your money by betting half your salary on a victory for Bordeaux in Ligue 1, and that’s cool.

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