Top 11 mistakes not to make during a heat wave

The summer will be hot… VERY HOT. So hot that we are already thinking about all the possible and unimaginable little tricks to best survive the heat. Stop everything, there are chances that you are seriously misguided! Sorry to tell you, but eating ice cream… That’s a no.

1. Eat ice cream

Big blow from the start! Unfortunately and contrary to what we all think: eating something cold does not refresh our little body… On the contrary! To be digested, food will be heated by the body. A process that generates heat and increases body temperature. Rather counter-productive… Yes, it’s hard. Courage.

2. Drink cold drinks

Again, the heat transfer between the cold drink and the digestive system can affect body temperature. On the other hand, it will depend on the caloric content of the liquid ingested: sodas or other sugary drinks will have a similar effect to that of ice cream. Don’t rejoice too quickly: big cold pints of beer are NO too! Alcohol is a diuretic (it makes you pee). In fact, water is evacuated more quickly, the body becomes dehydrated and the ability to lose heat through sweating decreases. In short, it’s really not a good idea. Sorry.

Big paradox: hot drinks are a better way to cool off (but no?)! Drinking hot triggers a sweating response, which then allows the body to cool down. It’s the world upside down this story!

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3. …. or drink plenty of water

After this small point on cold drinks, we say to ourselves that, fortunately, water exists! Indeed, it is important to stay well hydrated, especially when it is hot. On the other hand, it must be done within reason! Indeed, drinking a lot of water when it is hot can create a water imbalance, or even water intoxication (yes, it does exist! We speak of “hyponatremia”). Ideally, you should drink between 1.5 and 3 liters a day, and in small sips.

It’s hot, we’re thirsty. Very thirsty. Too thirsty. Water addiction has a name: potomania.

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4. Take a cold shower

It’s hot, we sweat like pigs, and we only dream of one thing: an icy shower. Bad idea. In response to this jet of cold water, the body will try to warm up by producing heat. Nothing more counterproductive. To cool off, prefer lukewarm showers or spray water on your forehead.

By thinking of cooling off after a long day of heat wave, you will take the risk of being even hotter.

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5. Open the windows during the day

Your grandmother must have told you at least once: in the summer, we barricade ourselves and close EVERYTHING. Windows, doors, shutters and curtains. Objective: to keep the heat out of your house or small apartment, by making them airtight from the outside air.

6. …and leave the windows closed at night

After locking up your home during the day, once night falls: we open. History of renewing the air, evacuating the accumulated heat and avoiding an “oven effect”. Certainly, mosquitoes are perfect crap that come to disturb your night. But you know what’s even worse for sleep? The heat.

Top 11 mistakes not to make during a heat wave
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7. Stay in front of the fan or air conditioning

Do you also have a cowardly colleague who puts a full iron fan in your face all day?? Well, don’t hesitate to explain to him how bad of an idea it is! The fan, by stirring the air repeatedly, stirs up dust and pollen. Perfect for allergies.

To do the best: let the fan sweep the room from a distance. If this is not enough: we opt for wet towels or bottles of ice water.

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8. Turn up the air conditioning

Basic air conditioning is avoided since it is a device that pollutes infinitely and paradoxically warms the outside air even more.

If, however, you really can’t stand the heat (are you okay with the big fragile ones?) Don’t turn on the air conditioning! At best, you will simply get sick. At worst: you could suffer a thermal shock by going from 35° outside to 20° inside too quickly, or even lose consciousness. The maximum recommended difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature is 8°.

9. Have a TV party

It’s hot, and we don’t want anything. Nothing at all. Except, maybe, fucking in your underwear on the sofa while watching Netflix series. Another bad move! Like all electrical appliances: the TV produces heat. Open a book, it’s safer.

10. Water the garden in the early morning

Getting up early to water your tomatoes before it gets too hot seems like a smart move, and yet… Nope. Watering early in the day is not beneficial for plants because the water will evaporate quickly (too quickly) in the heat. The real good idea is to get started in the evening, when the heat has died down a bit. In this way, your vegetables or plants will have all night to drink tranquillou.

11. Extend your line outside

Trying to hang out your laundry in the sun so it dries faster! In fact, drying it indoors is more fun for two reasons: first, it will refresh the atmosphere of the room a little. Then, it will prevent your laundry from discoloring. Convinced ?

Imagine: the planet is in bad shape, global warming is more and more felt, and we find ourselves having to fight against heat waves in winter (pfffff nonsense, impossible scenario). It’s freaking out, but in real life… Can you imagine all the things we could do? Can’t wait to make myself a raclette at the beach.

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