Top 11 Linking Mistakes We All Make, For Those Who Are Having Trouble

The French language is difficult to master, it’s true, and we can understand that some people make a few grammatical mistakes on occasion, but there are limits. The biggest limit is when someone bursts your eardrum with a gross binding fault. Here, I must admit that my own tolerance has limits, which is why I would like to once and for all put a spotlight on these horrible linking mistakes that everyone makes.

1. “I gave him a hundred-z-bucks”

It is probably the one we hear most often, so I tell you with the greatest firmness: we pronounce “one hundred euros”. Only in the plural can you slip in a small “z”, as in “Four hundred-z-euros”, since “cent” takes an “s” in the plural (if it is not followed by another number as in “four hundred and two” of course). It’s still simple isn’t it? Well ok it’s not that simple but it’s easy to remember that we pronounce “Cent-t-euros”.

Top 11 linking mistakes we all make, for those who are having trouble
Picture credits: Robert Kalina

2. “I have twenty-z-missed calls”

No, it’s like for “one hundred”, we say “twenty-t-calls”, and it changes to the plural (“eighty-z-calls”). Now that you know this, you can become better people and share this wise word around the world. But especially in French-speaking countries.

3. “Those who z-have finished their control you can leave”

Why come and invent a wacky affair here when ” those who have “ does not require any connection? Life is hard enough as it is, no need to complicate it further, thank you.

Top 11 linking mistakes we all make, for those who are having trouble

4. “They should-z-arrive around 3 p.m.”

The true pronunciation is of course heard “should they happen”but I won’t blame you if you don’t make a connection at all, because you are not, to my knowledge, ministers or academicians.

5. He’s not-z-mine

Did you see an “s” at the end of period? No, so you can say “point-to-me”. You can also not use the word “point” because you are not 80 years old, but that’s up to you.

Top 11 linking mistakes we all make, for those who are having trouble

6. “He’ll be happy to see us again”

No link needed here, a simple ” he will be “ enough. Let this “a” and this “ê” rub shoulders without any barrier. They have the right to live their love without constraint. Thanks.

7. “Gimme some steup”

NO, NO AND NO. Sorry, I got carried away because I still haven’t eaten today, but I must admit that this fault is annoying. One says “give me some”, not this “give it to me” which has absolutely no logic. In addition, the correct pronunciation is shorter, which leaves you more free time to do other activities, such as going to prune the cherry tree in your garden or learning mah-jong. Life has a lot to offer you.

Top 11 linking mistakes we all make, for those who are having trouble

8. “Is he going to Mulhouse today”

Admittedly, this one is confusing since the “d” in “render” makes us want to make it sound like a “t”. And yet… and yet… it is not so: we say “he goes to” without any connection. I know, it’s hard to accept, but at the same time it’s quite easy to accept from the moment you realize that you don’t really give a fuck.

9. “Has your vacation request been accepted”

I’m not going to take four or five paths: they say ” has been “. So fire me this “t” who has no business there and send him to do something really interesting, like go prune the cherry tree in his garden or learn mah-jong. Yes, I have already used this phrase earlier in the article, I am on strike for inventiveness while waiting for my request for “more fries in the canteen” to be accepted.

10. Dupont Taignan

Let’s move on a little to proper names with this Nicolas Dupont-Aignant whose surname is often flayed. In fact, we say “Dupont Aignant” without any connection. Afterwards, as the guy is crazy, there are only a few people to be moved when his name is mispronounced. Sorry Nico.

11. “Bourguenbresse”

The town of Bourg-en-bresse is supposed to decide “Bourkenbresse”, but we have to admit that we all don’t care and we don’t see why this “g” would turn into “k” for no valid reason. Finally, if you want to please a Burgien, whisper “bourkenbresse” in his ear; he should offer you a poultry that will seal your friendship forever.

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