Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

Let’s say you want to make a lot of money and you don’t mind selling your soul to the devil anyway (what’s the use of a soul anyway?) Well then, you have to bowl because there are plenty of ways to amass money in totally immoral ways. You will be able to count each euro accumulated without ever worrying about the suffering you have caused and thus be happy in your villa in St-Trop’. Please note: if one day you feel remorse, we will not be there for after-sales service. You will have to manage on your own with your conscience.

1. Be a casino owner

The principle of a casino is to offer games at which people will lose 99% of the time. Not great on a moral level. And when you know the secrets of casinos to make players addicted and extract a lot of money from them, there is reason to be very disgusted.

2. Selling a “detoxifying” or “slimming” product when it’s basically just a laxative

A new product like this comes out every week (or even every day). It doesn’t have any health benefits, it doesn’t help you feel better or slim down, but as it’s featured by influencers on Insta, the product is selling very well. A nice little legal scam, in short.

3. Being clairvoyant or medium

Just talk to people who are (often) in distress, make them believe that we managed to communicate with their dead grandmother and deliver them nice messages. The little secret of the medium lies in taking advantage of the client’s distress to lengthen and multiply the sessions. Guys are immoral but smart.

Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

4. Do dropshipping

Buying cheap Chinese-made items, multiplying their price by 15, reselling them to customers using bogus arguments. It’s that simple. The job requires almost no logistics, and, above all, no honor. Practice.

5. Sell insurance to old people over the phone

The object of the game is to sell insurance full of complicated clauses to little old people who don’t need it at all. You just have to play on their fears, pressurize them a little, and you quickly get a contract signed. Why deprive yourself of it since it is legal? …

Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

6. Sell programs to “succeed in life” or “become a seducer”

First step: we create a PDF and some videos where we tell generalities about motivation, organization or the art of seduction. Second step: we broadcast cheap advertising on the web explaining that it’s a bargain because the pack is ONLY 79€ instead of 149€. Third step: we collect the money. There you have it, easy and very immoral money.

Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

7. Offer extended warranties on items that don’t need them

Generally, when you are offered a one-year warranty extension on a TV, computer or console, you are just going to pay good money since all these devices will only fail after 2 or 3 years. of use. The seller will just have made easy money off your back without ever caring about the state of your finances. Hard life.

8. Be paparazzi

A good paparazzi can make a lot of money when the very existence of his job is based on ruining the lives of stars. And even if some stars escape the paparazzi from time to time, the winner is always the one who preserves his anonymity well hidden behind his camera.

Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

9. Marketing

What if we made you believe that by buying this car you were going to have amazing experiences when not at all? What if we let you think that these cereals were good for your health when not at all? What if you were pushed to buy shit by convincing you that it was gold? That’s what marketing is. Sounds good huh?

10. Buy tickets to highly anticipated events and resell them for more

No, you can’t beat seeing Beyoncé in concert, but you still buy 15 tickets and put them back on Leboncoin 5 minutes later at 200 bucks. It makes it possible to play on the scarcity of the product and the frustration of people who will be ready to extend the currency to acquire their ticket. Note that the technique also works with new trendy sneakers, out of stock consoles and a whole bunch of other limited edition stuff. So many opportunities to pile up wheat on people’s backs, it’s beautiful.

Top 11 legal but unethical ways to make money

11. Finance

Getting rich on the fact that other people are losing a lot of money, all without creating any value yourself, we can say that it is a little bit borderline. The economy is communicating vessels, but when we siphon off the vessels of others, it means that we have left the concept of morality far behind.

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