Top 11 highest paid players in Ligue 1, the wages of fear

The newspaper the team recently released league 1 salaries by club, and despite the health, economic crisis and all the rest, the wage bill has increased between this season and last season, from 1.38 billion for the 2018 season -19, to 1.73 billion for this one.

We see a lot of criticism on social networks that the players are overpaid and blah-blah-blah, pfff haters it’s normal that these people are paid ultra well, and we explain why.

1. Neymar: €4,083,000

Why it’s so worth it: Do you know the cost of equipment to make a good Twitch channel? Nope ! Well it’s super expensive. A big PC, a good webcam, a gaming chair to avoid back pain. So yes it’s a lot of money, but let’s think about the fact that Neymar is no longer really a footballer and that he is already in his gamer conversion after the end of his work-study internship in Paris. And in addition the good Neymar has also just subscribed to “Comme J’aime” to fight against his budding little buoy. It’s all costs.

2. L. Messi €3,375,000

Why it’s so worth it: That’s half of what he got in Barcelona! Would you agree to receive the next day 2 times less than before, being forced to move more? Well no, whereas Lionel did it. And in addition to Paris where the rents are overpriced. Really hat. And then what is 28,000 barrels of oil each month for Qatar?

3. K. Mbappe €2,200,000

Why it’s so worth it: Because given the price of the two above, less would not be good.

4. Marquinhos: €1.2 million

Why it’s so worth it : Eeeeuh the question really arises? Have you seen the work in the definition of Marquinhos’ curls? Do you really think he uses an old shampoo bought at Carrefour like us? Well no. Hair products are expensive, especially for curly hair. And let’s not talk about the hairdresser. In short, when you’re on TV all the time, you have to be presentable, it’s completely normal that your salary covers these astronomical costs.

5. Marco Verratti: €1.2 million

Why it’s so worth it : The little owl as he is called, has been at PSG since 2012 so it’s been 10 years! To celebrate, he had the right to be in the top 5 highest paid players. PSG has values ​​anyway, don’t joke about it.

6. Achraf Hakimi: €1.083 million

Why it’s so worth it : Hakimi is a great friend with the little Mbappé, but the rumors about Kyky’s departure are more and more present… enough to worry the Moroccan who is afraid of finding himself alone without friends (poor doe). In short, he needs a reason to stay at PSG at all costs, it’s just a little boost for morale, his salary finally!

7. Keylor Navas: €1 million

Why it’s so worth it : Donnaruma was preferred to him in the most important match of the season and he screwed up badly. Very upset Navas can at least be reassured to have a better salary than his rival. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, we are just at PSG.

8. Angel Di Maria: €950,000

Why it’s so worth it : Di Maria makes a little heart with his hands when he scores a goal, and we think that’s just too CHOU-PI! Apparently the leaders of PSG too, and that’s what justifies his salary. Too cute what.

9. Georginio Wijnaldum: €916,000

Why it’s so worth it : We do not say it enough, but it takes someone competent to maintain the quality of the sidelines. Cleaning products, satin cloths, not to mention the hours of work waxing this beautiful wood… all work deserves a salary.

10. Gianluigi Donnarumma: €916,000

Why it’s so worth it : You saw it well, Donnaruma completely shit himself on it in the round of 16 against Real. Well gastric problems are to be taken very seriously, not to mention the tons of PQ and the costs of plumbing, so it takes a lot of money for all that, and it’s the employer who helps out.

11. Sergio Ramos: €791,666

Why it’s so worth it : Because his name is Sergio, and Sergio is a mafiosi name that commands respect (without any stereotypes).

Here we lift the veil on the high salaries of the players, everything is deserved you can see it.

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