Top 11 good reasons to be an MP, a golden career

If in the old days we said of the high life that it was the life of a castle, today we call it the life of a deputy. Why ? Because there are a plethora of benefits that we will see together when we decide to embrace this career of the future and serve the people. Or to use the people. Or use the people’s money; it’s not clear, I have to check what the texts say but frankly it looks like a great career.

1. Look out for good restaurants

When you’re a deputy you have a lot of meetings to do and sometimes it extends over the lunch break, so you might as well eat in a gourmet or starred restaurant, because you work much better in these conditions. And of course it’s part of the expense account, otherwise we’d go get a salad at the supermarket like everyone else.

2. Being able to give work to all his friends and family

Not only can we place whoever we want in certain positions, but in addition it doesn’t even have to be real positions, the principle of fictitious jobs on this is great since we just to sign a small paper which says that her spouse has done the accounting and hop, 2500 euros which fall.

3. Living in complete impunity

Overall, when you’re a deputy, you get into the untouchable part: you can do all the shit possible, you don’t risk much.

4. Have parliamentary immunity

Who says impunity says immunity, basically it was invented to protect deputies from pressure, intimidation and that kind of thing to do their job properly. But in some cases it just became immunity from the law, pratoche.

Top 11 good reasons to be an mp, a golden career
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

5. Have a driver and a nice car

Do you want to get around Paris and its surroundings easily, but do you find it a bit annoying to take a taxi or the metro? No problem, take advantage of the Assembly’s fleet of vehicles and its many drivers ready to listen to you talk about your most intimate problems.

6. Getting around with ease

Already when you are a Member of Parliament you have the right to take the train in first class whenever you want, whether it is a business trip or for pleasure. But if you find it too long you can arrange to take a free private jet rather than the train, like those people who love to fly too much.

Top 11 good reasons to be an mp, a golden career

7. Living in company accommodation or being entitled to the residence allowance

Not everyone is entitled to it, but at worst you could tax that of a colleague to live on his couch or at least for a weekend. Otherwise there is the residence allowance, i.e. €168.70 monthly to help pay the rent. With a pay above 5000 euros per month it’s not gross.

8. Have a very good salary

The basic salary of a deputy is 7,142.75 euros gross, or 5,357.34 euros net. It’s comfortable, but I know you need more, that’s why we invented the compensation representative of mandate expenses to cover miscellaneous expenses, and that amounts to 5300 euros gross per month. Phew.

Top 11 good reasons to be an mp, a golden career

9. Receiving a nice back-to-work allowance

When you finish your mandate as a Member of Parliament because you have rendered good and loyal service to France or because your contract was terminated following a scandal, you get a nice return-to-work allowance of €3,191. gross per month. Something to take the time to bounce back and think about the future.

10. Buy 2000 euros worth of clothes per month without paying

It was the story of Coralie Dubost who liked to indulge herself in clothes and lingerie by spending up to 3300 euros in one month with public money via scandalous expense reports. What to redo a beautiful wardrobe in any case.

Top 11 good reasons to be an mp, a golden career

11. Not having to show up for work

The funny thing about all of this is that despite all these advantages, MPs don’t even need to come to work, that’s why we had proposed things to do so that MPs finally come to work. ‘National Assembly. At the same time, being paid so much and not showing up at work is a little vulgar.

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