Top 11 Evidence That Cartoons Was Bullshit In The 90s

Some are proud to be born in the 90s, well today we are told that it would have been better to be born at another time. Because watching cartoons in the 90s was something to become completely unfit for life in society. We were clearly played anything on the TV and it’s lucky we didn’t all go completely crazy.

1. We raved about guys doing animal fights

We can never say it enough, Pokémon was really the least moral thing in the world. Already, kids were leaving their darons to carry out their little adventure on their own, so in terms of parental responsibility it was not great, but the worst was not there. The worst thing was that these motherfuckers were capturing wild animals to force them to fight against each other. When did we think it was a good idea to broadcast this? In fact no, you know what it is, the worst? It’s that we liked it, and we still like it a little. They made us monsters.

2. The Rugrats parents were irresponsible but it made us laugh

In 3/4 of the Rugrats episodes, babies escaped the supervision of their parents to do stupid things. We’re not even talking about 10-year-olds who are pretty much able to fend for themselves for a few hours, no. It was BABIES. If the DASS had been there, all these kids would have been immediately placed in foster care. And yet The Rugrats it was one of the most watched cartoons, proof that we really didn’t give a fuck in the 90s.

3. The Adventures of Carlos, what was that bullshit?

We’re talking about an old dude and the kids who traveled in a granny that transformed into an inflatable boat every episode. How do you expect us to become mentally sane adults after seeing something like this?

4. There was a monarchy in the playground and no one cared.

In The playground, it was King Bob who reigned over the whole court, as if children had the right to organize a monarchy within a school establishment. It all smelled like school bullying if you ask us. At the same time, what idea to have so many students supervised by an old lady on her own? If it were up to us, we would close this school, it would go faster that way.

5. An old gentleman fit into the body of teenagers in Once Upon a Time

An old man. In a teenager. Doesn’t that matter to you???

6. And then a boy fit into the body of a cat in Billy the Cat

Doesn’t anyone mind all this zoophilia??

7. Space Goofs was completely a junkie program

We already talked about it in the top drug references in cartoons: the orange character named Bud, with his stoner-man eyes, is a big reference to a variety of weed called… the Orange Bud. So yeah, we didn’t know all that when we were 8 years old, but those who created this cartoon knew it, and they made us watch it without any problem.

8. The Magic Bus teacher should be in jail a long time ago.

Admittedly, we learned a lot of things thanks to the Magic Bus, but the principle of the cartoon was still a teacher who transformed kids to take them to places all more dangerous than each other. The parents had signed a paper for that? We do not believe, no. And then we remind you that there was a creepy episode where one of the children committed suicide, as if we needed to see that. Seriously, please send that “prof” to jail. No, but look at how she was driving, the kids must have been so pissed off.

9. A mad scientist created girls in his lab in The Powerpuff Girls

But yes, while we’re at it, let’s get into unethical experiments to create life in the laboratory. After all, it’s just banned in most countries around the world, but that’s okay.

10. Where do the turtles eat pizza from?

Yes, all right, criticism is easy, but by dint of pushing stupid ideas like that into our heads from a very young age, we killed pets. Thank you Ninja Turtles.

11. We had no problem celebrating the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Denver, the last dinosaur, we even made a super happy song out of it, even though we’re still talking about the last representative of his species. That is to say that the poor dino no longer has any similar but no one cares. What’s the next cartoon going to be? Fools partying because the Amazon is burning down?

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