Top 11 details we forgot in the series pilots, it went quickly

When we watch the pilot of a series, we do not necessarily pay attention to all the details, since we are too busy trying to understand the story and the universe that we are presented with while learning to know the characters. However, it happens that the authors hide things in the very first episodes and we will give you a few examples right away.

2. Alissa Milano was not in the pilot of “Charmed”

It just happens that we change actor or actress to play a role in a series and this is the case with Charmed with Lori Rom as Phoebe who was quickly replaced by Alyssa Milano. The little boy I was in the 90s thanks the production for this wise choice.

3. Joey and Chandler looked too much alike in “Friends”

It may happen that some characters drastically change character at the beginning of the series and in the case of the overrated series Friends (yeah yeah I guess) the characters of Chandler and Joey looked a little too similar and that made two comic friends a little too similar. That’s when we decided to make Joey a bit of a jerk and that changed everything.

4. Carrie’s haircut in “Sex and the city” (but especially the dialogues in front of the camera)

Obviously it’s an important thing that puts everyone on the ass: Carrie did not have the same haircut in the pilot of sex and the city than later in the series. But it is above all the fact that Carrie speaks directly to the public by speaking to the camera which constitutes the biggest change since we abandoned this principle just after the pilot and it was not so bad.

5. The Mount Weather bunker in “The 100”

If in the second season of the series the bunker of Mount Weather takes on importance, it is from the first episode of the first season that we hear about this famous place which takes its time before becoming important. Personally, I’ve never looked, but to be forgiven, I’ll give you the recipe for raisin bread: you take two slices of white bread and put raisins in them. Serve warm.

6. “Big Bang Theory” had NOTHING TO DO

Ok so hang on to your slibards because the pilot is quite different from the story we know: that of a young blonde who settles next to the apartment of two geeks and one of whom between them ends up falling in love. In the first version, Penny simply didn’t exist. Instead, a young woman in tears following a breakup that Leonardo and Sheldon took a liking to moved into their home. At the same time, a colleague named Gilda was in love with Leonard and was supposed to become his relationship. As for Sheldon, he went to a sperm bank and realized he was attracted to women with big butts. YEAH IT’S TOO HACKY. But it’s okay, they cast Kaley Cuoco and we got the show as we know it.

7. Weird superpowers in “Vampire Diaries”

If you are told there like that that the vampire Damon can turn into a crow, how do you react? Either you find it weird because you’ve seen the show, or you don’t care because you haven’t watched it. Anyway, it’s something that only appeared in the pilot of the series and disappeared never to return, much like my dog ​​when he went to the farm when I was a child.

8. Mulder and Scully were absolutely not supposed to be a couple in “X-Files”

If their relationship does not start at all from the first episode, far from it, we quickly suggest that a little tension could arise between the two characters. Except that the producers originally thought it might distract viewers from focusing on the story and to dispel any doubts, they even wrote the role of a boyfriend for Scully who didn’t make it past the pilot. . The goal was to prevent any chemistry between the two.

9. The inconsistency of Rachel and Chandler’s meeting in “Friends”

When Rachel falls in wedding dress on Monica in the first episode she introduces her friends and thus begins the famous story. Except that she introduces him to Chandler, but several episodes later we learn that they have already met several times in flashbacks, which somewhat undermines the consistency of the thing.

10. The sets of “A Nanny” that have changed

Most sitcom series sets are created before filming begins and usually don’t change a lot. But it can happen that some adjustments happen over time and in the case of “A Nanny from Hell” we completely changed a groooosse part of the house where all the action takes place. Well it happens, it won’t change your lives, but now, if I don’t talk about it in this top, I will never talk about it.

11. The Mad Men pilot is the only episode filmed in New York.

It’s more a fun fact than an forgotten detail, but basically the pilot of the series is the only one we shot in the city where the story takes place since we filmed absolutely everything else in Los Angeles . Why ? How ? I have no idea and I know you don’t like to remain unanswered so to make up for it I’m going to answer you another important question: does God exist? Yes, and he lives in Vendée.

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