Top 11 creepy episodes of children’s series, but WHY?

A priori, we say to ourselves that cartoons and series for children are very cute, full of good feelings, bright colors, kisses, hugs, tenderness… Yes, that’s often the case, but sometimes the producers of children’s programs totally crack and release episodes as creepy as a good old Requiem for a dream, probably in order to traumatize a whole generation of kids. Why are they doing this? They like children so little?

1. In The Flintstones, there is an episode where Barney wants to commit suicide.

You don’t need to know the cartoon with prehistoric men to understand the situation: in one episode, Barney learns that he no longer has the right to adopt Bamm-Bamm, a rather stubby kid who can only say “Bamm -Bamm”. Suddenly, he decides to throw himself from the top of a bridge, weighted down by a stone attached to his ankle. Fortunately, his friend Fred comes to talk to him to stop him and they end up raising the kid together. Still, it was a bit of an extreme decision, right? We’re not sure kids need to see that.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?
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2. In Power Rangers: Galaxy Beyond, there are suicide bombers.

In this umpteenth series of Power Rangers, there’s a villain called Trakeena (she has a kind of giant fly-like head on her head, and overall her style is a bit crummy). As she is really bad, in one episode, she does not hesitate to hang bombs on her soldiers-insectoids so that they go to blow up against their enemies. So ok, Power Rangers, it’s far from being the smartest program to show kids, but there it’s a bit limited all the same.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

3. In an episode of Spongebob, Plankton wants to die

Because he is afraid of the whales (of which he is the main food source), Plankton decides that his life is not worth living, and he tries to die by lying on the road to get run over. . SpongeBob will manage to make him change his mind because he’s a sure guy, but damn he screwed us over this Plankton.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

4. In Thomas and Friends, the train Henry is walled up alive

So already, Thomas and his friends is super creepy basic: no but what is this story of trains that have faces? It’s horrible ! But anyway, that’s not the point. What interests us here is the episode where Henry, another living train, refuses to come out of a tunnel so that the rain doesn’t damage his paint. Everyone tries to get Henry out of there, but nothing helps: he doesn’t want to move. As a result, we decide to immure him in the tunnel from which he will never be able to get out, leaving him just a hole to watch the other trains pass in front of him. When we could just wait for him to finally change his mind. Very creepy torture level, it’s very strong.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

5. In Wizards of Waverly Place, two characters bump into one of their friends

The Disney Channel series with Selena Gomez had not been a big hit in France so the episode went a little unnoticed, but you will see that your children’s eyes have escaped something dreadful. It happens in the episode Shelving : Alex transforms Stevie into a statue of ice (which is already blah blah, but let’s move on) and Max, without doing it on purpose, drops Stevie who breaks into a thousand pieces (why is it always very precisely “a thousand”?). This is how they killed their friend, without any consequences. Good example for the youth, huh.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

6. The Powerpuff Girls saw their sister die right before their eyes.

In the episode A 4th Supergirl, the three heroines manage to create a fourth sister. For that, they tried to reproduce their own creation by mixing ingredients, and the result is a bit mixed since Bisou, their sister, is rather deformed. Still, she’s still cool enough to save their lives, except it drains all of her energy and she ends up exploding. In front of her sisters. The trauma is palpable.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

7. Three of the Tiny Toons are killed in a car accident.

The baby version of looney tunes is not necessarily less violent than its elder. The proof when Buster, Plucky and Hamton share a beer, steal a car, and, completely buttered, leave the road to fall into the water and die. They may be a little young, the kids watching The Tiny Toons to see this kind of prevention, right?

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

8. In The Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith is abandoned for a second time by his father.

Will Smith finds himself face to face with his father whom he had never known. Very happy, he thinks he has come back for him and that they will be able to go on a weekend together, except that his father decides to leave again by letting go of the mythos to his son who is beginning to understand that he is. give up again. We are then entitled to a monologue by Will Smith between denial, sadness and anger. It’s very moving, but also very dark.

9. Jimmy takes a creepy lesson in The Fairly OddParents

We already talked about this cartoon in the top creepy cartoon character stories, but it’s not the only dark thing we find in it. In one episode, Jimmy wishes he never existed, and his magical godmother grants his wish. He then sees the world spinning without him, where everyone is much happier than when he is alive. He is also shown Hell, which he is going to join, where all the children who wished they had never existed live, before teaching him that it was all a set-up to teach him a good lesson. So a “good lesson”, according to this cartoon, is to traumatize a kid?

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

10. An episode of Rugrats is creepy from start to finish

Angelica, the only girl with pigtails, has a bad nightmare in one episode after her parents tell her they’re expecting a child. In her nightmare, she imagines having a little brother taller than her who tells her that she is no longer welcome at home. Her parents lock her in a closet and give her leftovers to eat, until she really gets kicked out of her house by her brother who ends up eating her. After Angelica wakes up, the episode could have become more cheerful, but no: her parents announce to her that they are not expecting any more children, and she is super happy. Still, that means her mom either had a wrong pregnancy test or had a miscarriage, and whatever happens is super sad. In short, this episode is not good at all.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

11. Tom and Jerry wanted to kill themselves

In one episode, the two pals realize that their respective girlfriends left them for richer guys. Desperate, they sit on rails waiting for a train to pass over them, and the episode ends on a black screen as the whistle of an approaching train is heard. More murky, you die.

Top 11 creepy episodes of children's series, but why?

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