Top 11 Character Deaths That Make Absolutely No Sense

Admittedly, there are the worst played character deaths, there are also the dirtiest deaths, but we weren’t going to continue on this morbid path without looking at the super stupid deaths of super strong characters.


1. Thanos in Avengers

Already everyone is ganging up on him because he’s the most powerful guy in the universe. Not very cool, it would have been better to be friends with him. And the worst part of this story is that they get knocked out by Iron Man, the only guy who literally has no power.

2. Sauron in The Lord of the Rings

Uh sorry? Like the guy is the lord of darkness and it was enough to swing his shitty alliance in the lava to fuck him? Was it a Claire’s ring or koua my word?

3. Voldemort in Harry Potter

But no but WHAAAAAAAAT? At what moment ? Fdp though he is, he’s still the best magician in the history of magic and he still gets smashed like a rotten ass by a young prepubescent magician who’s having fun with his old scar there? I’m sorry but this is intolerable.

4. Sar Baristan in GoT

Hands down one of the greatest knights in Westeros history, first Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under the Targaryens and then the Baratheons, and you’re going to tell me the guy gets his belly slashed like a bruise? It’s no.

5. Omar in The Wire

He was clearly the most badass character, the one we didn’t want/couldn’t see die and yet… A bullet fired by a kid will finish him off.

6. Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad

The guy was a cop, then a private detective, then he became the head of the security service of one of the biggest drug cartels in the world. In short, he’s far from being a jerk, he can get everyone out of any situation. And you’re going to make me believe that he can be killed so easily by Walter White? At this point it’s more suicide than anything else.

Top 11 character deaths that make absolutely no sense

7. The cop in Squid Game

The guy is too strong he managed to infiltrate the kind of morbid game factory, he pretends to be one of the soldiers, he even manages to get closer to the founder of this mysterious organization. And then what ? He gets kicked like an ass just for a dark story of low battery. It’s ugly.

Top 11 character deaths that make absolutely no sense

8. Trinity in The Matrix

The girl has survived for three films (including the last two really shitty opuses) and still calms down in a totally unexpected way. Okay so we understood that there was a whole frenzy of prophecy about the brothel but overall at this stage it’s already been 3 hours of films that we’ve lost track.

Top 11 character deaths that make absolutely no sense

9. Lexa in The 100

After many twists and turns Lexa ends up going out with Clarke in the series, but also early on she crashes from a stray bullet (episode 7 of season 3) thus shocking part of the LGBT community. Frankly all that for that? His death even sparked a national debate as there was criticism for unnecessarily removing a character who HAPPENEDLY happens to be gay. Phenomenon that is even called “Bury your gays” (“bury your homo”). In the defense of the creator Jason Rothenberg, the character of Lexa did not exist in the books from which the series is inspired, so somewhere he had the right to kill her if he liked.

10. James Bond in Dying Can Wait

As a reminder: this good old 007 is on an island that is going to fart and he sacrifices himself because he knows that he will not be able to find the woman he loves, in fact he is poisoned by something that makes him die. he approaches his girl. Suddenly he dies in the explosion. What bullshit this scenario.

Top 11 character deaths that make absolutely no sense

11. The Girl Who Dies Titanic

So of course when I say “the girl” it’s quite evasive since there are a lot of girls who die in Titanic. But I’m thinking precisely of the scene where the second half of the boat sinks and Jack and Rose manage to climb behind the barrier to avoid breaking their necks. A blonde woman hangs by her arms. Casually, she lasts a few minutes, which shows that she has the abs of a jackal. And then shit, she lets go and drops like a fly. While she clearly had skills in athletic training. Shocking.

Do you also like to lick ice cubes to amuse the gallery when they are stuck to your tongue?

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