Top 11 celebrities who supported far-right policies

You think you know some people, and suddenly, BAM! We take the truth in the face, and it is rarely pleasant. Well go ahead that in fact, your friend Louis is a big mytho, that your neighbor Caroline fucks your crush and that, WORST THAN EVERYTHING, Chloe, your friend from college, votes Zemmour and proudly displays it on the networks social! BUT WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Well, on the celebrity side, it’s a bit the same. You think you really like a personality, until you see his head close-up in the middle of Le Pen’s meeting. Ah well, all of a sudden, it makes you want to be friends less.

1. Neymar supports Bolsonaro

The video quickly made the rounds on social networks: the Brazilian footballer and Paris SG striker filmed himself dancing to a song calling for Bolsonaro to vote, a few hours before the first round of the Brazilian presidential elections. The lyrics are none other than: “He’s the president of the people, who came to save Brazil, and bring down the PT, the people here are not stupid, and I don’t want to be beaten anymore. Now it’s Bolsonaro (…), just vote 22 (…) Vote, vote and confirm, on the 22nd it’s Bolsonaro”. 22 being the code to type on the electronic ballot box to support the far-right candidate. I wasn’t expecting anything from this guy, and yet, I’m still disappointed. It’s crazy, right?

2. … Just like Ronaldo, Ronaldhino or Kaka

Like Neymar this year, Ronaldhino, Ronaldo, Cafu, Kaka and other Brazilian soccer players called for votes for Bolsonaro. On the other hand, this year, the latter have been more discreet, and honestly… It’s a good idea.

3. Alain Delon, good friend of Le Pen

While Delon has lived quietly in Switzerland since the 1980s, he did not hesitate to congratulate his friend, the gentle Jean-Marie Le Pen, for the progress of the FN in 2013. Congratulations and implicit support that we would do without thanks very much. (Source)

4. Brigitte Bardot, fervent supporter of the various far-right parties

After being displayed in a photo arm-in-arm with Florian Philippot in his house in Saint-Tropez in 2015, the candidate took a great interest in Zemmour in 2022. Shocked and disappointed by his statements on hunters, Bardot finally decided to support Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Plague, cholera, all that, all that…

5. Véronique Genest supports Zemmour

On March 14, 2022, the French actress tweeted “You just have to go vote on April 10 and say no to Macron and to all those who are for the vaccine or health pass #Zemmour2022”. Someone to tell Julie Lescaut that Poutou wasn’t super hot either for the pass, but that he was still less racist and misogynistic than Eric? Good after, trying to talk politics to a person who considers that Zemmour is not far right, after all… It’s like trying to explain to a bald man how to style his hair. It’s not much use.

6. … Just like Pierre-Jean Chalençon

Okay, he didn’t officially show his support for the far-right candidate, but he attended several of his meetings as a “friend” and then publicly described Zemmour as an “exciting” guy. Everyone has their own definition of “exciting”.

7. Delphine Wespiser considers Le Pen “the mother of the French”

Just that ! I don’t know if you remember, but the last time a politician was considered to be the “father of the people” (cc Stalin), he wasn’t the most tolerant and open-minded guy on earth, what. Be that as it may, Delphine Wespiser, former Miss France, placed herself in fervent support of Marine le Pen in the last elections, calling her a “benevolent person”, which was slightly controversial…

8. Same favorite candidate for Philippe Chevallier

If you don’t know who this Philippe is: he is one of the members of the duo of “comics” “Chevallier-Laspalès”. At the end of 2021, he had declared his voting intentions publicly, on a TV set. It must be said that his arguments are rather convincing: “My wife is Senegalese, on that, I have no lessons to receive”. Alalalalala Phillipe, Morano would be so proud of you.


9. Rick Harrison supported Trump

A hard blow for fans of “Pawn Stars”, this American auction show: one of the flagship presenters, Rick Harrison, is a pro-Trump. Eurk. In 2016, before the elections, he notably appeared alongside Trump’s son: Donald Trump Jr (eh hop, a little more egocentrism). In 2020, he also declared “Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. ». Nice.

10. … Just like Ye West

Well, there, it’s a little more complex, since the gentleman doesn’t seem to know which foot he’s dancing on. Sometimes he supports Trump and proudly wears his little “Make America Great Again” cap, sometimes he starts voting for himself. Like, Kanye, President of the USA. Eh but he is completely in the West or what???

“I’m the founder of a $4 billion company, one of the most searched brands on Google, I won’t be told who to vote for because of my skin color. »

Posted by CNEWS on Thursday, April 16, 2020

11. Morrissey came out in support of the ‘For Britain’ party in 2018

In May 2018, the former frontman and lead singer of The Smiths performed on an American TV show proudly sporting a ‘For Britain’ badge: Britain’s far-right party, which was founded by anti -Islam Anne Marie Waters in 2017. After being singled out and called Islamophobic and racist, the singer simply replied “Basically everyone prefers their own race… Does that make everyone racist? ». Someone to explain to him calmly? I’m afraid I won’t be able to contain myself.