Top 11 biggest knockouts in sports, let’s get ready to rumble

Sport is good for your health, they say. It is not false. But it all depends on how you practice. I believe that the benefits of a huge tackle in the mouth or a hyper violent hupercut in the jaw (RIP the jaw line), have not yet been proven. Afterwards, I think eh, I’m not sure, it remains to be seen. Here are some examples of charitable souls who have tested this for us.

1. Alexis Palisson takes a lot against Racing

In the land of cauliflower ears and ovality (rugby what), wearing a helmet is not enough to protect yourself. And it’s not Alexis Palisson who will say the opposite after his stamp with Henry Chavancy during a match between Racing and Toulon in August 2012. And obviously, after a little comprehensive medical point, it plays and it uses the hand, that’s rugby.

2. Zach Dumas does not bother with people in his path

American football is not a poet’s sport, we know that. With their modern-day gladiator armor and black paint under their eyes, the guys aren’t here to tickle each other. In any case, Zach Dumas did not choose this method and prefers to knock everyone out of his way. Hobby for which he is infamous.

3. Mike Modano, the double headshot

We all know it, Hockey is a sport pretext for shocks of all kinds. The proof, we even allow a few boxing fights to put on a show and amuse the gallery. As if that stopped guys from finding another way to fuck off. Like Jeremy Roenick, who sends a strong shoulder blow in the face of Mike Modano, then in the middle of a race during an NHL game in December 2002. Fortunately for him, the paramedics reserved their premium services for him.

4. John Terry sent to the hospital

John Terry has taken the brunt of it in recent years, the fault of a dark history of adultery with the wife of Wayne Bridge, then teammate of the former captain of the Blues. But the biggest trace on Johnny’s head will undoubtedly remain Abou Diaby’s kick during a match between Chelsea and Arsenal in the League Cup final. The most amazing thing about this whole story is that the Frenchman escaped unscathed. Well, after he was deprived of a match for eight months, so it might not be worth thinking about Bruce Lee.

5. Sébastien Chabal shows the time to Chris Masoe

In addition to his long hair, his Neanderthal beard, his big voice and his boss-sized charisma, Sebastien Chabal became known for knocking out New Zealander Chris Masoe with a crazy tackle in the Blacks’ lair in a France match. vs New Zealand in 2007. And no, of course Chabal didn’t apologize. Instead, a monstrous look to confirm that he is everywhere at home, that’s class (or not).

6. Taylor Mays kills two people with her shoulder

More American football: sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you don’t have time to discern things properly. Like Taylor Mays who, carried away by his momentum, knocks out one of his opponents and also a partner only with his shoulder and the 100 kilos of muscles that make it up. One stone, two shots, as we say back home.

7. Mike Tyson gets screwed by Lenox Lewis

Mikey was not a sweetheart. He even ate Holyfield’s ear, just to test the taste (strange anyway). But, as for the greatest, Tyson also had his face dislocated badly, like during this fight against Lenox Lewis in which Iron Mike found himself on the mat with an eye out of order following a cinder block from LL Since then, everything not going well. Terror got a tattoo on his face and even starred in an Algerian film with Smaïn and Lorie. Like what, life does not play much.

8. Sylvain Kastendeuch knocked out by Jérôme Bonnissel

The Messina legend did not have the hoped-for end of his career. While we expected fireworks and why not a guard of honor, the stage exit was different for the one who still wore the FC Metz jersey 513 times. The festivities ? A bullet in the mouth following a cross from Jérôme Bonnissel. Result, KO and tongue swallowed, direction the nearest hospital. Disgusting, for the Lorraine Maldini.

9. In Volleyball too, you risk your skin

In the radius of knockouts, there are not only virile manly sports. We can also take a look at the gymnasiums on the side of the volleyball players. And there, the incident takes place in the United States, during a university match between the Holy Trinity Catholic and the Winfield-Mount. The worst part of all this is that in addition to the ball in the face of his opponent, the Holy Trinity Catholic player has another victim, since a person fell in the stands following this sonic smash. The hand of God, surely.

10. Ryno Pieterse’s destructive tackle

During a Top 14 match in 2021 in Castres and Bordeaux-Bègles, our dear Rani Peterse decided to go crazy and made a future tackle on Maxime Lucu. Result, a concussion (yes outright). Well inevitably, it deserves at least a little red card.

11. Quinton O Moore, the Steamroller

To conclude, a last stop from the NFL (again). This time, it’s Quinton Moore who disagrees with a guy from Arkansas State intercepting the ball. For his part, the buffered does not seem willing to respond to the charge he has just received.

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