Top 11 best tweets about imaginary friends

When you don’t have any friends it’s really useful to have an imaginary friend. Even when you have friends from elsewhere. The only boring thing with your imaginary friend is that he never pays his way and doesn’t have much conversation, but otherwise for the rest it’s clearly the best thing that can happen to you in life. These tweets prove it in good and due form.

1. It looks like the beginning of a horror movie

Child: Michael says he’s mad at you

Me: Who is Michael?

Child: My imaginary friend.

Me: MDR. I also had an imaginary friend called Michael but I forgot about him growing up.

Child: Yes, I know.

Me: Really?

Child: That’s why he’s mad at you.

2. OK this child is weird

My daughter has an imaginary friend named Rusty. She stopped talking about him and after a while she was asked what had become of him. She told us that she rolled him up in a rug and sent him back to a hole in Heaven. She was rather nonchalant talking about it. She never spoke of it again.

3. A blow to the ego

4. The worst of friends

5. We both know which one is the real one

6. He is imaginary WE HAVE THE RIGHT

7. Well thought out

8. The joys of confinement

My conversations with my imaginary friend have increased by 200% this week.

9. Severe but fair

Children no longer have an imaginary friend. They have imaginary Youtube audiences.

10. The twist of fate

My wife suggested I stop wasting my time with my imaginary Twitter friends. And then all of a sudden I remembered that I was not married.

11. Distress

I’m so exhausted I’m starting to wonder if you’re real people or just imaginary friends living on my phone.

Do you also have children or weird imaginary friends?

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