Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

The radar is a bit of the poison of many motorists who would like to be able to drive like pilots on the highway of respect. But very often hidden, we know very little about speed cameras. What is their story ? Can we call his radar son? Sir, is there a test tomorrow? Topito answers all the questions we ask about speed cameras.

1. How many are there in France?

There are more than 3400 radars in France (I counted myself with my small hands). Want more numbers? There are 345 in Île-de-France, 137 in Brittany, and 27 in Corsica. Want even more numbers? 3, 5, 9, 2 and 7. Don’t thank me.

2. How many are there in the world?

No idea. On the other hand, I can tell you that France is the 4th European country with the most radars. In front of us there is Germany with 4500 radars, the United Kingdom with 6500, and in the lead, the Italians with 1 million radars. No I’m kidding they have 9000.

Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

3. If there are two cars on the speed camera photo, who takes the fine?

According to the decree of June 4, 2009: “when two or more vehicles of different speeds enter the measurement beam simultaneously, the speedometer must not give any measurement result”. Basically the court does not accuse anyone to avoid the blunder. Except that be careful, now the radars are able to distinguish the lane on which the FDP vehicle is driving. The robots are going to get us, it’s got to be.

4. From how many km/h do you have to exceed the limit to get flashed?

If we drive at 55 km / h for a limit of 50, it’s good, but if it’s 56 km / h it’s fucked. And it’s like that up to 90 km/h. From 100 km/h, the limit increases to +6 km/h (so if you drive at 107 km/h, it’s prison). For 120 and 130 km/h, it’s +7 km/h so avoid 128 and 138 km/h. If we drive at 250 km/h, the army sends the tanks.

Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

5. How do you decide where to place speed cameras?

Yes, because we don’t care about speed cameras anywhere, like in a parking lot or in a chimney. In fact, several criteria must be met: you need a road where accidents occur, in particular because of speeding, where human controls are complicated to carry out, and all with the aim of criss-crossing the entire French road territory. Clever isn’t it?

6. If I have a foreign license plate, does it flash or not?

Yes because summer with tourists and all, it must flash en masse on the southern highway side. But with the European Union, the exchange of information in terms of traffic offenses has been facilitated since 2011. So if you drive a Clio in Italy, be careful not to drive like a cod (in reality, I don’t know the level driving this fish).

Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

7. If I get flashed like a little poucave, do I necessarily have a fine?

Not necessarily. If you are flashed, a judicial police officer must check your photo. If there is any doubt, if there is no violation or if he likes your little trickster face, there is no ticket. For red light radars, if you bite the line but not the traffic light, the radar is triggered but there is no penalty. Ditto if you let a fire truck pass, it’s an act of bravery and there’s no fine.

8. Can I request the photo taken by the radar to put it on Instagram?

Yes, you can request the photo from the Automated Traffic Offenses Center (CACIR) whose address appears on the back of the fine notice. Good on the other hand you must send a justification, like a photocopy of an identity document, a photocopy of the notice of violation, a photocopy of the gray card and Schokobons.

Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

9. Radar upside down is it radar, coincidence or conspiracy?

In my opinion, it’s not trivial, it’s like the words kayak and roommate, if they arrived in our lives, it’s good so that we get bored paddling and that the dishes are not never made. Makes you think, huh?

10. Hey all the same, the radars must be a hell of a money pump so that Macron can buy a gun from Benalla so that he can shoot at Human Rights?

Well no, speed cameras only bring “very little” to the state. For example, in 2013, revenue generated by speed cameras amounted to €700 million. It’s cool huh? But in the same year, the costs of road accidents rose to €21.1 billion. And out of the 700 million €, 239 go for maintenance, 70 to the municipalities, 100 to the department, 170 to the Agency for financing Transport Infrastructures of France, 68 to the local authorities, and 60 to the debt reduction of the State . And 1 million for Macron’s swimming pool.

11. Can you call your radar son?


Top 11 answers to questions about speed cameras

Top sponsored by Emmanuel Macron and the Élysée. Thank you Manu for the 15€ ticket. And more seriously, speed cameras are there for our safety so please don’t play dumb on the road, Christmas is more fun when you’re alive.

Source: road-safety.gouv, West-France, Statista

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