Top 100 reasons to vote tomorrow, let’s get motivated people

April 24 is the second round of presidential elections. And so, if you are over 18 years old (cross out the useless mentions):

1. You can’t vote every day, it’s about enjoying it

2. It’s going to be ugly anyway, so you have nothing better to do

3. The number of abstention, we have it from noon, there is no suspense

4. This may be the most important election since 58

5. This is an opportunity to look at the face of the vote assessors

6. Otherwise, election night will have less flavor

7. Because far-right against far-center-right, in reality, it’s too much thrills

8. At worst, it’s funnier to vote for Jul than to abstain

9. I gave you a power of attorney, so you better get moving.

10. You can collect small ballots to make paper casseroles afterwards

11. This is your chance to do some dirty stuff in the voting booth

12. How long has it been since you went to school?

13. When we announce the number of votes of your candidate on TV, it will be a bit like we are giving you a special videotape

14. There was a time when people fought to vote

15. Because you don’t want a facho in power

16. Because you don’t want a banker in power (but still vote for the banker)

17. Because voting rocks

This was an institutional advertising communication from the 1980s.

18. Because whether you vote or not, Pécresse will always have debts, so go vote

19. Because you love dragging things into places

20. Because after the vote, you can treat yourself to a pain au chocolat to congratulate you on having done your civic duty

21. Because later, you will be able to say: “I remember, when I had voted”, whereas “I remember, when I had not voted”, right away, it is less mouthful

22. If you don’t vote, all the lecturing jerks will piss you off and lecture you. Protect yourself

23. You can show off your brand new ID

24. Because the gesture of slipping your ballot into the ballot box is HIGHLY erotic

25. To save the guy who says “Voted!” and make it a rap remix

26. Because you love waiting in line, and it’s a great opportunity to indulge your passion

27. It’s still cooler to vote in the presidential elections than in the regional ones

28. It’s Free

29. You will have done at least 800 meters during the day, a record for a Sunday

30. Your horoscope says you will find love when you get out of the voting booth on Sunday

31. Because voting rhymes with buddy

32. Because you voted for Mélenchon who wanted to implement compulsory voting

33. In life, we have few opportunities to see that we form a good society

34. Because you can take a #Selfisoloir selfie and create buzz on social networks

35. To put on your new shoes: we’ll see them when you’re in the voting booth

36. To be able to say “only those who voted have the right to complain” and piss everyone off

37. To cover your back in case they make voting compulsory with retroactive effect

38. Because for once, you won’t get a bad grade on your report card

39. Because “urn” rhymes with “burne”

40. Because to vote is to give a little of your time to society, it’s to become one, for the space of a few seconds, with something that goes beyond you and which encompasses you, it’s to blend into an idea that transcends us is…

41. Because it’s getting boring staring at your living room wall for hours without doing anything.

42. The voting booth is deadly for pecho

43. You’re being chased by the police and it’s a good place to hide from the cops

44. Your toilet is clogged. Now, you can go pee in the mini toilets of the kindergarten

45. The atmosphere is electric at home: if you don’t go out, it’s going to end like a chainsaw massacre

46. ​​Makes for a nice family outing

47. No, but what example do you want to give to your children, without dec? Do you think they wouldn’t like to vote?

48. At worst, you vote while splashing splash and it will make you feel like a pirate

But aim anyway please

49. With the global apocalypse brewing, it’s best to take advantage of every opportunity to do things you can’t do again afterwards.

50. Have you ever seen right-wingers up close? At the polling station, you will see some, they have sweaters on their shoulders

51. Have you ever seen leftists up close? At the polling station, you will see some, they wear sarouels

52. Have you ever seen centrists up close? At the polling station, you’ll see them, they always walk in the middle of the row

53. You will be able to observe the ballots that your baker takes to find out what she is voting for

54. Every time someone votes, a baby seal is saved and a tree is planted in the Amazon.

55. Anyway, they are printed the ballots, so it’s dead for the trees

56. Have you ever thought about all those unused newsletters that feel deprived of any social function? Have you ever thought about it?

57. You can test your false papers without risk

58. All the old people vote: why not start a career as a gigolo?

59. Because even if it pisses you off that your voice matters as much as that guy you heard say “it’s not what you think”, it matters even less if you don’t go.

60. You’re going to yell at the next president for 5 years so might as well choose him

61. You are the last bulwark against abstention, first party in France

62. To piss off your parents by voting against their candidate

Well, it depends on who they vote for…

63. Imagine if no one voted? Eh ? What would happen? Eh ?

64. Honestly, we’ve been banging the countryside for 6 months, as long as it’s not for nothing

65. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your dog who can’t vote

66. Your mother will be so proud of you

67. Your father too. Very proud

68. Story of being able to follow family discussions for the next 5 years

69. If you don’t vote, you won’t get a Christmas tax gift.

70. So that people don’t tell you that you didn’t vote in 2022 when you run for president in 2062

71. The Rock votes

72. At worst, you vote for yourself

73. If you don’t vote, Vianney will release a new album

74. We get bored giving you 100 reasons, it must be worth it

75. If you’re really anar, it’s more fun to shit in an envelope than not to vote

76. To prove you’re a left-wing anar, not a right-wing anar

77. To prove you’re a right-wing anar, not a left-wing anar

78. Because you always preferred White hat to White hat

79. You will be offered to do the counting, and it will be the first time you have been offered something in a long time

80. You vote well for Dancing with the stars when it pays off

81. Because you love the term “ballottage”

82. Young people don’t vote much, but you’re not like everyone else

83. 100% of hot girls will vote. Afterwards, it’s up to you to see where you stand

84. 100% of hot guys will vote. Afterwards, it’s up to you to see where you stand

85. Do you really prefer watching Turbo?

86. It’s that or clean up, you choose

87. It takes 20 minutes shower included

88. How long has it been since you talked to someone? If it is, you’re dead and you don’t even know it

89. If you vote, Topito offers you a candy

90. If you vote, Le Bonbon offers you a topito

(It’s wrong but you never know)

91. Only people who smell bad in their mouths abstain from voting, it’s proven

92. The polling station is the ideal Tinder meeting place for an unusual encounter

93. You can put on your Sunday suit to show off

94. If you don’t vote, it means you like all the candidates

95. Only people who vote have the right to call others lefties

96. Only people who vote have the right to call others dirty rights

97. If you vote, you might get an autograph from a polling station president and that’s cool

98. Do you need to steal a wooden chair with yellow metal legs? You know where to find her

99. If you want to let others choose the guy whose salary and living expenses you are going to pay for 5 years, that’s up to you.

100. If you don’t vote, you will never be invited to the Elysée garden party

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