Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

It’s nothing new and it probably won’t ever change: old people hate young people and we’ll do the same when we’re old. It’s quite normal since all the young people are lazy, intolerant and far too noisy with their hooligan music. “A good war wouldn’t hurt them” as they say… Fortunately, not all old people are like that and there are some who are adorable. Santa Claus, for example.

1. Refresh insta every 3 minutes

When you grew up with social networks, it quickly becomes a reflex to open Insta or Twitter as soon as you get bored. Sometimes we even do it unconsciously and I’m sure we scroll while sleeping. Please be a little tolerant of young people and their addictions, we don’t do it on purpose.

Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

2. Headphones placed on the ears

As everyone knows, wired headphones are already outdated (remember when we laughed at AirPods? We were dumb back then). However, we still sometimes see lunches with the wire passing behind the ear and the earphone over it and it’s something that has a way of annoying the old people. Honestly, what does it matter to them?

3. Voicemail messages that are way too long

There are plenty of reasons to ban voicemail, but you have to admit that it’s really practical. It’s simple, fast, efficient and super convenient when walking down the street. Obviously, it’s always annoying to receive a 3-minute message to hear “Yeah then… I’m giving you a vocal because I’m in the street… I just wanted to tell you that suddenly… Wait, sorry, there’s noise outside … Uhhhh…”

Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

4. The autotune we love

The autotune / vocoder has been around for a long time but the old guys decided it was a young thing today because everyone knows young people have no taste and they better listen REAL music. It shows that they have never listened to JCVD ​​by Jul, the best song of 2019.

5. Complaining about your job

If there’s one thing old people don’t understand, it’s that you can complain about your job. When you tell them that you’re a little tired of working 45 hours a week without paid overtime, they tell you that you’re lazy and never happy and that they have experienced war. It always works to say that you knew the war.

Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

6. Saying you can’t find a job

As the old people have experienced full employment, they don’t understand how it’s possible not to find a job. “They are hiring at the restaurant opposite, so stop complaining! “. Well yes, but I have a bac+5 in grandpa agronomy so sorry for being a little fussy. Only Macron can find a job by crossing the street…

7. The concept of TikTok

Like every time a new “youth thing” comes up, the old folks find it ridiculous and pretend they can’t pronounce it correctly. “We can’t get enough of your smartfauna stuff here, after Face de book and Amstramgram, you’re on TocToc now! “. Please stop.

Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

8. People posed on the street or in parks

When you’re a teenager, a student or just young, you don’t necessarily have the money to go to a bar or a restaurant. So we land in the street, in parks or on the quays with cans and it’s something that old people can’t stand. “But what is going on here? What are you doing in front of my building?? they say vehemently. Unfortunately, the street belongs to everyone Ghislaine.

9. Colored hair and original cuts

If you have ever bleached or colored your hair, you must have already experienced this unbearable moment when the old people in your family find out about it and make little jokes about it. Sometimes it’s just once. Often you hear about it for 6 months. And then of course, there are the bewildered looks of the elderly in the street which are always a pleasure.

Top 10 young things that annoy old people the most

10. Naps Love

“Travelling to Nirvana, a five-star hotel, having breakfast in my pajamas…”

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