Top 10 worst TV shows in the world, those that make you want to break your TV

If you still watch a bit of television, you’ll surely see a whole lot of really bad shows with concepts that don’t make sense, but you should know that there’s much worse in other countries (especially in the United States in fact). To discover the cream of the void of the global audiovisual landscape, you’ve come to the right place.

1. “I am not gay”: A homophobic Russian reality show

If the title is already dubious, the concept of the show is a thousand times more so. The idea is to put eight men and manage to find the only one who is homosexual. How ? Thanks to tests based on homophobic prejudice, of course. The person who manages to “unmask” him leaves with the equivalent of €27,000 to the applause of the presenters, all terribly homophobic. Creepy.

2. “Hôtel du Temps”: Thierry Ardisson who speaks to the dead

Recreating dead people thanks to deepfake in order to interview them seems like a bit of a weird concept to you? Obviously, this poses no problem for Ardisson since he hosts “Hotel du Temps” on France 3. It’s very disturbing and it raises very new ethical questions: do these people really want us to use their image? so to make them say anything and everything?

3. “The Swan”: The show that pays for your plastic surgery

If you know “Incredible Transformations”, you may know that the American show is much worse. In “The Swan”, the production pays for the new clothes and the new make-up but also for the cosmetic surgery. In general, candidates are registered by their relatives who find them too ugly. It must be nice to have these kind of friends.

4. “Who’s Your Daddy?” : An adopted girl must find her biological father

The idea of ​​the show is to find the biological father of candidates who were abandoned at birth. Then, the production hides the dad among 24 other men of the same age and the candidate must try to find him. To win, each man must convince the young woman that he is her real father. It is quite despicable and the show was very quickly canceled.

5. “Kid Nation”: Children left to fend for themselves in nature

Do you know Koh Lanta? Imagine the same thing in a ghost town with 40 8-year-olds for 40 days. In 2007, CBS thought it was a really good show concept to separate children from their parents and leave them on their own with the goal of creating a government. Obviously, it went badly and quite a few children came out of it completely traumatized.

6. “Shattered”: Stay the longest without sleep to win

Sleep is a basic need so obviously, a TV channel had the idea to see what it would do if we prevented people from sleeping for 7 days. The idea was to put 10 contestants in a house, give them lots of stupid exercises to do and keep them from sleeping. Each time a contestant closed their eyes for more than 10 seconds, they lost £1,000 of their £100,000 prize pool.

7. “Best Funeral Ever”: Make the funeral of a loved one a little more fun

Do you often get bored at funerals? No worries, the “Best Funeral Ever” show is here for you! With each episode, you have to find a new way to make the funeral fun. Sometimes, the coffin is installed in the middle of a boxing ring or in a carnival. Everything is possible.

8. “Labor Games”: Answering questions while giving birth

In 2015, one of the dumbest games in the world appeared on American and Canadian television: “Labor Games”. The goal of the game is to answer as many general culture questions as possible while undergoing increasingly strong contractions. Be careful, we are talking about real contractions: the game is reserved for pregnant women who have just arrived at the hospital to give birth.

9. “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal”: The medium kids who freak everyone out

If you want a show that will make you cry with anguish, here is “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal”. By bringing together specialists in spiritualism and children who have had paranormal experiences, the idea is to allow children to learn to live with their supernatural visions. We suspect that it is fake, but we still want to look.

10. “Toddlers & Tiaras”: At the heart of children’s beauty pageants

We’re probably holding the prize for worst reality TV show with “Toddlers & Tiaras,” the show that follows little girls who participate in beauty pageants and their families. Everyone watches the lives of these children, from the preparation for the contest to the competition and the presentation of the trophies by judging their performances. Fun.

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