Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021, it’s sad

You spend your time in front of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Salto, and Disney +, and there’s no point in denying it. We know it. We know about it. The numbers speak for themselves.

And because of you, the audience figures for French television are collapsing. I hope you are proud of yourself. Well done eh. All of these programs have come together. No one looked. And this is YOUR FAULT.

Pfffff. Frankly, you have to do better in 2022. We’re leaving you, there’s the last season of Dexter on MyCanal.

1. The Artist

Nagui who presents a tele-hook show in primetime, it smelled good.

And in the end, it just smelled like poo. The jury was not good (they turned half of it between two shows), the candidates were very forgettable, the competition was tough, and even Nagui did not seem very convinced by the project.

A change of time slot later (in the cupboard on Friday evening at no time) and the program stops much earlier than expected. Terrible.

The horses are avenged.

Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

2. The Caesars

A film awards ceremony a year where there was almost no film, you have to admit that it was complicated.

Marina Fois did what she could but it was not enough: it was horrible.

1641568316 254 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

3. Koh-Lanta

You know.

So ok, the season is averaging 4 million viewers, which would make almost any program drool. But first, this is the show’s worst score in 5 seasons and two, the program’s image has taken a severe hit. Cheating, pre-season alliance, hunger strike, pains au chocolat and a little selfie with hotel guests: we had the total.

Surely the worst season of the program. And the sentence is irrevocable.

1641568317 12 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

4. District Z

Definitely a crappy year for TF1.

Big big belly of ratings for “District Z”. Good at the same time, the principle is nice but to do with his friends what. Because watching Jarry and Booder get scared is two minutes. We should think about expanding the TF1 team a bit, we can’t stand seeing the same people all the time.

Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

5. Influences

0% audience share.

This is the incredible score of the NRJ12 soap opera on influencers. Not many influenced, therefore.

1641568320 770 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

6. Operation Renaissance

Karine Lemarchand. Surgical operations. Doesn’t that make you want to? Astonishing.

Well, that didn’t make anyone want. A desaster. And as a bonus, a big bad buzz on social networks because despite the statements of the chain, we often come close to grossophobia during several passages. A false benevolence punished by the audiences. And Bam.

1641568321 868 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

7. Unplanned

Imagine an anti-abortion film broadcast on a TNT channel at 9 p.m.

Well, it does exist. It’s called “Unplanned”, it aired this summer on C8. And the only good news is that almost no one watched Bolloré’s channel that evening. It must be said that the film, in addition to its atrocious message, really looked bad and was massacred by the critics before its broadcast.

Well done.

1641568322 535 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

8. We are the 2021 generation

Give voice to young people and students in the midst of COVID, the initiative was beautiful on the part of the public service. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a bit indigestible. No rhythm, no real exchanges despite some touching testimonies and worse: Dadju who comes to do his promotion, quiet.

France 2 even tried to surf the Twitch wave by offering a live during the live. But there too, a failure despite the incredible imitation of the drop of water by Ponce, a (super) streamer.

What a big night.

1641568322 658 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

9. The big quiz

You knew that ” The Big Quiz »Aired in 2021?

And that they changed presenter? And that it didn’t work at all?

No ? Well, there you go. Glad to tell you.

1641568323 155 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

10. Marble Mania

What do you mean you didn’t watch the marbles race between Camille Cerf, Lola Dubini, Booder, Titoff, Jean-Luc Lemoine and Franck Leboeuf presented by Camille Combal?


We reassure you, you are not the only ones. It is even rather the reverse. Beaten in audience by a rerun of “Candice Renoir” on France 3. It’s hard.

1641568325 75 Top 10 worst TV audiences of 2021 its sad

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