Top 10 worst sports players, how are you dummies?

In sport, people are competitive. It’s normal. When you win you can room (a little). And when you lose, you may get offended for not much. To the point of becoming a real bad player. Just like those athletes who at one time refused to recognize defeat or found a bogus excuse to recognize it.

Declan Rice, after France-England in the 1/4 final (2022)

“Apart from their 2 goals, I don’t remember seeing them being creative. In my opinion the best team lost tonight, and that proves our level. »

It is true that apart from the only English goal on penalty… At least Declan knew how to be creative in interview, it is already that. And just for that, well done. While in reality the cause of the defeat is very simple…

Benoit Paire, in general

Surely the undisputed number 1 and muse of the French Federation of Lose. There are so many examples of the Benoit Paire case that we cannot retain one, if not one of the most recent. Here is the video. It’s nice. And that’s why we love it.

Thibaut Courtois (the famous) at the 2018 World Cup

We all remember this moment after the France-Belgium semi-final in 2018. We won 1-0 (break the process all that all that). Then, during an interview, Thibaut the malice releases quiet scud towards the France team. In peace, he thinks he is at chicha.

Serena Williams, classy but not always

The problem with great champions who win all the time is that they have a hard time dealing with defeat. Kind in 2012, she loses against Caroline Wozniacki, a girl much weaker than Serena and announces that she has played at 20% and leaves the field without shaking her hand. Well after they become friends so it was not so serious in the end.

Jean-Michel Aulas, the King of Twitter

The President of Olympique Lyonnais is known for managing his club well and fuming at the referees and the opposing team every time a match is a little tense and ends in a defeat for Lyon. Sore loser ? Yes.

Lebron James, sulky pro

Same case as Serena. The guy is the best basketball player of the decade and surely one of the greatest of all time. But he is also known to be a bad loser. Like once, he lost in the Eastern Conference final against Orlando and instead of shaking hands with opponents, he went sulking in the locker room. Like what happens even to the best.

French handball players at the Rio 2016 Olympics

In the group stage of the Olympics, the French lost by 1 goal against the Russians. Hate. But for the French women, it was apparently the fault of the parquet, which had holes and broken slats. The Russians, they played on another ground and had a nice floor.

Sjinkie Knegt, serial kicker (2014)

Who, during this race (I’m talking about the one on the video), did not appreciate losing against the Russian Victor Ahn. Double middle finger raised, high kick in the void, and the melting of the ice as a bonus. Good behavior.

Neymar, after the defeat against Dortmund (2020)

PSG did not play, Haland broke everyone. Neymar, after the cruel 2-1 defeat, sulked. Indeed, Tuchel put him on rest for 4 games for a rib injury. Neymar announced: “the club was afraid and it was me in the end who suffered from it”. Dude, whatever your injury, you just lost to a stronger team that night.

Camille Lacourt, at the 2016 Rio Olympics

In 2016, in the 100m backstroke final, he finished 5th. Not phew what, he expected better. Suddenly he blames Sun Yang, a former doped, but who does not compete in the same races as the French swimmer. Good after he apologized, so that’s okay.

Anyone in FIFA

It’s E-sport so it’s still sport. And it’s known, your friend at FIFA will always have a lame excuse to come out after taking 3-0. The buggy controller, the referee who whistles for nothing, Barça who is too loud. There will always be something.

(Bonus) Lighton Ndefwayl, Zambian tennis player, our master to all

“Bwayla (his opponent) is a stupid and desperate man. He has a huge nose and he squints. The girls hate him. He beat me because my underpants were too tight and when he served he farted”.

A master, a god.

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